Saturday, February 13, 2010

Etude House #36 Planet Gold

Today's the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year
and Chinese throughout the world will be ushering the Year of the Tiger at midnight

We will also be celebrating with a reunion dinner which is a very important meal.
Family members would always do their best to rush back home for this feast as it symbolises the unity of the family unit.

Today, I have for you a polish from Etude House, #36 Planet Gold

When I first got this polish, it reminded me so much of the colour of the tiger's fur
that I immediately knew what nail art I would want to do with this one
and I've been saving it for the Lunar New Year =)

I haven't been disappointed with the polishes that I've gotten from Etude House so far,
application has never been an issue
and they do have some of the best glitters and duochromes
I don't remember having tried their cremes yet though.

#36 Planet Gold is a lovely gold with a tinge of rose,
and has a super-duper bling-y foil finish.
I have 3 coats on, no topcoat in the pictures.

I think my camera was actually blinded when I tried to take photos in the sun
I had to delete tons of those pictures
In the end, I had to post some of the pictures with some shadows just to give you guys a better idea of the polish.

Oh... please do excuse my terrible cuticles
I've been doing a lot more pole sessions recently
and the grip powder I'm using is wreaking havoc on my fingers.
I've been moisturizing more than usual but its still not helping much
My toes are also in a terrible shape too...

The above 4 photos are taken in natural daylight.

The next 2 are taken indoors, still in natural daylight

and another indoor pic but with the camera flash


gildedangel said...

That is a beautiful color!!!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Is it proper to wish you "Happy New Year"?
This is a beautiful gold!!!!!

Berry T said...

totally agree! <3

yardsticks 4 lunatics,
yep, that's totally ok! and thanks for the wishes too! lol

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