Monday, February 22, 2010

Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

I love red.
But my stash of red polishes is the smallest among all the other colours.
Somehow I seem to avoid red on my nails
Maybe its just seeing too much red OPIs that look about the same that puts me off other reds

Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx is one of the rare red polish that I had a desperate lemming for after seeing swatches of other bloggers and NBers
and it was a long while before a lovely MUAer agreed to a swap for it =)

I've been hanging onto it waiting for a special occasion since.
heh... I figure the Lunar New Year a good enough excuse to wear this "opulent red infused with pure 24K gold"
*that's the desciption on the box*

Natural daylight.
2 coats, no topcoat.

Indoors, natural daylight.

This one's a lovely orange-red with a flash of gold.
well, I don't know if the "24K pure gold" makes any difference
but I sure as hell don't mind the lovely subtle gold shimmer =)


gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous red!!!

Berry T said...

woot! Its definitely hot =)

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

It reminds me of OPI "Thanks so Muchness"....I never thought I could wear reds, but I am glad I was proven wrong!
It's loverly!


Berry T said...

heh Tiffiani, the same thing happened with me with green polishes and guess what, they're now one of my fave shades!

Lucy said...

This shade of red looks lovely on you. I didn't want to pay the extra price for this. Love it.

Berry T said...

So glad to see you back! =)
you can try to see if there is any that's up for a swap or purge
I think this one's either a hit or miss with ladies, I'm seen some comments where it was dissed

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