Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Nail Art Experiment FAIL...

In the earlier post, I mentioned that the Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) was around the corner.
This year, the 1st day of the CNY actually falls on 14th February,
which also happens to be Valentine's Day

Well, I had CNY on my mind and when I saw these cute little pictures in the newspapers,
I had the idea to try to put them on as nail art

So I found 10 of these cute pictures,

and cut them to fit the nails

Put on the base colour,
then added a layer of basecoat on top of the base colour so that the paper could stick on

It was only then that I discovered that newspapers' too thick!
The paper wasn't flexible enough to bend and adhere according to the shape of my nails,
so there were gaping holes between my nails and the paper =(

well... here's now it would have looked if it had been successful.
*I added topcoat just for picture sake*

sigh... it would have been pretty darn cute
if only there's a way to soften the newspapers...


l0verlada said...

What if you dampen it? It would bend easier but I'm not sure about how you could get it to stick then though :/ Adorable idea though!

gildedangel said...

It may not have turned out as you expected, but the concept is really cool!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

what a great idea!... Scan those little cuties in and then print them on to a water decal (inkjet paper).....just a thought.
This is giving me some ideas....hmmmmm :B

Anonymous said...

all ur nail arts are damn FUGLY!

Berry T said...

loverlada, gildedangel,

I'm glad you found the concept cool and adorable. thanks =)

yardstick 4 lunatics,
I don't have a scanner or the inkjet paper you were talking about, but if you do try it out, you'll have to show me!

to each their own,
if you find them ugly, you don't have to look at my blog

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