Monday, January 11, 2010

Zoya Midori

heh... about a week ago,
one of my bosses commented that she liked my green dress
and then went on,"You should have matched your nails too!"

OMG! You mean I'm allowed to wear green nails to work?!
So I experimented with dark navy first....
and the office complimented me on the nail art

Well, I'm going to work this week with green nails
Hopefully no one's going to bat an eyelid or say anything like "No green nails"

Zoya Midori

2 coats, without topcoat.
It probably can do better with a 3rd coat,
you can still just about see my nail bed in the pictures.
But otherwise Midori is a lovely apple green shade with a gold flash.

well... I always think of Granny Smiths with such green shades,
but if Granny Smiths are this pretty, I'll probably have a healthier diet =P


gildedangel said...

Beautiful color!

Danica said...

Oooh that apple comment makes me hungry. Let us know how it goes wearing that to work.

Lucy said...

Now you can try and slip other colors in! Maybe you'll be suprised and get to wear all colors.

Berry T said...

yep.... I'm planning to try a skittle mani soon actually!

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