Sunday, January 17, 2010

The reason for my no/low-buy Part 2

I've to apologise if it seems like I take a long time to reply to posts or emails
I've been extremely since changing jobs,
and it seems like the only time when I can get onto blogger is during the weekends.
In the meantime, I'll try to schedule posts as often as I can k =)

Anyway, remember I said I was on a low/no-buy for the time being?
Here's the main reason why:

Flinty was kind enough to help me get these RBLs when they had the 50% deal.
Thank you so much dearie!

Purple Haze,

Concrete Jungle,
No More War (sticker was missing from the box),
and Bikini Bottom.

heh... and I know Halloween and Christmas are both long over,
but I finally caved and ordered these:

OPI Tatoo Ta-Boo, the 2009 Halloween mini set:
Which Arm?,
Glow-ink In the Dark,
Tattoo You Want Candy,
and I Love Mummy.
*cringes at the names OPI came up with*

OPI Mini Merries, 2009 Christmas mini set:
Comet Loves Cupid,
All A-bordeaux the Sled!,
Holiday Glow,
and Shim-merry Chic.

I still haven't figured if I wanna get Smitten with Mittens from this same collection...


chocaddict said...

There's nothing like receiving a bunch of new polishes in the mailbox, right? ^_^
Those RBLs look really nice, enjoy your goodies!

Claudia said...

Nice haul! Great colors!
If you find Smitten with Mittens anywhere, please let me know I would love to have a backup of that one! Who am I kidding thinking that I will even finish one bottle though...LOL

Nicole said...

Haha, well it was worth it, look at all those pretties! Very fun to get them. I can't believe I missed the sale. I hope they have another pretty soon.
I need to get Smitten With Mittens myself! I tried to convince myself I didn't need it.

Berry T said...

well... the RBLs sure makes one happy =)

Claudia, Nicole,
I still am debating whether to get Smitten with Mittens! I'm guessing it helps that I havent seen the actual bottle in real life yet =P

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