Monday, January 18, 2010

Purple Bling

I had a wedding to attend on Sunday,
and little time to do a proper nail art.
So I decided to do a gradient glitter mani to jazz up my simple pink dress.

Natural daylight.

The next 3 are taken indoors:

And here is the tutorial for a glitter gradient mani:

Bottles used:
OPI Princesses Rule!,
Estessimo TINS 006 The Amethyst,
Estessimo TINS 064 The Immediately Sexy,
Nail Colour NK-20

Tip 1:
Usually, I tend to choose OPI Princesses Rule! as the base colour cos of its shimmer.
Other colour alternatives are OPI Happy Anniversary, OPI Dazzle Me, OPI Upfront and Personal.

Tip 2:
Divide the nail into thirds, and paint the gradient accordingly.

Step 1: Paint base coat.
Step 2: Paint 1 coat of base colour.

Step 3: Using the medium-tone polish, randomly paint approximate two-thirds of your nail.

Note: Pls don't be precise when following the imaginary one-third line. This gives it the blended effect.

Step 4: Using the darkest-tone polish, randomly paint the last one-third of your nail.
Optional Step: You can top it up with a clear holo glitter polish for added bling


gildedangel said...

That is gorgeous!!!

Alisa said...

I love this, it looks amazing!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

It's time for me to give this a try. I love the gradient polish design. Very nice!

amusedPolish said...

I love this nail art :D

Ayuu said...

I love this design, I think I'll try to copy it soon ^^

esmeraldas said...

Wow this is beautiful! Perfect for a wedding I'd say!

Amabile said...

Very beautiful! I love purples and I love gradient manicures :-)

Berry T said...

Thank you lovely ladies =)
I really hope you guys try this one out yourself and would love the end result as well!

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