Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pedicure: U&A 998

So after a high-end polish,
here's one that I don't even remember where I got it from =P

Its probably one of those thrift-store polishes that I picked up along the way.
I went through my stash and I had 3 polishes from this brand.
All are rather interesting, so I think I'm probably going to post them all pretty soon

Here's the 1st of the 3: U&A 998
This one's tons of fine light-gold glitter and holo bar glitter suspended in clear polish.
The glitter is dense enough that you'll just need 2 or 3 coats to get it opaque.

2 coats, with topcoat.
Natural daylight.

I was mesmerized enough by the bling that I stuck my foot up on the window ledge to admire =P


With camera flash


gildedangel said...

That is a cool polish!

Berry T said...

heh... I think so too =)

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