Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nail Art Haul

Skinfood has a new range of polishes, the Pedicure Vita and Pedicure Sparkle.
On a low-buy, so I only got 3 bottles to try out:

I couldn't find name or code, so I'll just try my best to describe the colour of the polishes k.
Left to right:
Pedicure Sparkle in Sea-green sparkle,
Pedicure Vita in Lime green creme and a sky-blue creme

The Pedicure Sparkle retails at SGD$7.40,
while the Pedicure Vita retails at SGD$5.50

Then I came across a nail art shop that got me really excited
(damn the low-buy)

check out the range of nail art materials!

heh... well, I kinda sneaked a picture on my Nokia phone,
not sure if they allowed photos to be taken =P

Here's what I got from the shop:

Top row:
Rhinestone chains, Acrylic nail art flowers (these feel a little rubbery) and a 3D Nail Art Pen
Bottom row:
Dazzling paper in gold and silver holo and a packet of crushed shells

Took a picture with the camera flash just to show the holo-ness of the paper

Local readers,
you can find this shop, Beadtle Sweet at Plaza Singapore.
They have tons of other stuff like Konad plates, Nail art stickers, rhinestones etc


~Lisa said...

Great haul!! Such an awesome nail-art store!! Now you got me really excited! ...and disappointed because I don't have nail art stores in my area.

Evil Angel said...

I am so jealous! I wish we had nail art shops here!

gildedangel said...

Wow, nice haul!

paintedladyfingers said...

That is one amazing wall of treats! You made some truly lovely selections. <3

Berry T said...

yeah... the shop was just amazing!
the range of materials that I could choose from! Just astounding!
Don't be jealous guys... I hear you.
The next giveaway that I do, I'll get the prizes from here then! =)

amusedPolish said...

wow, great haul- I didn't know nfu.oh does sell other things except polish ^^

Claudia "cmp381" said...

WOW!!! I don't even know what I would do if I found a store that had so many nail art items!
I am completely in awe =P

chocaddict said...

Happy New Year Berry! :) (sorry I'm late ^_^)

Oh dear! I can't even imagine finding myself in a store such as that one...I'd go bonkers!

Your new polishes all look great, I'm sure you'll come up with awesome looking nail art with those, as always :)

Rhea said...

omg i freaked out just looking at d pic of d shop!!! forget abt a shop, v dont even get nail art materials here in india anywhere!

Berry T said...

wow.... I really didn't expect such a great reaction to the sneak pic of the store! I'm definitely going to set up a nail art materials giveaway!
*making plans to go shopping*

Lucy said...

What a fantastic store. I bet you can spend plenty there!

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