Saturday, January 9, 2010

Illamasqua Phallic

I might get bottles thrown at me for saying this,
but I was a little disappointed with my 1st Illamasqua
*ducks behind laptop*

okay... maybe I had a bad nail day
(yes another one)
application wasn't great and I had to re-do my ring finger 3 times =(

However, what really irked me was I thought it looked pretty dupish to the mani I removed, Misa's A Sin Worth Committing
I'll have to do a proper comparison another time.

oh well... see for yourself

Phallic, taken at night, artificial light with camera flash.
I must say, the bottle looks really good here.

Daylight pictures,
last one taken indoors

Taken at night with camera flash


gildedangel said...

It's a pretty color; I have heard that Illamasqua formulas can be hit and miss.

skgoh said...

Eek. Sorry to hear it was such a disappointment. Esp since you paid quite a bit for it! :(

Polish'd Cindy said...

Oh no! The color is really pretty of that's any consolation.

Berry T said...

I'm going to give it another try!
Hopefully it'll grow on me... cos I think I just found a 3rd dupe!

Lucy said...

Oh no! I bought this last month. I haven't used it yet. Please let us know all the dupes. I just hope I don't have any of them!

contests and such said...

This was my first one that I ever tried and I had problems with it too! Horrible tip wear and chipping on the 2nd day! You are not alone, my friend! I also have Baptiste that I haven't tried yet, hopefully that one will work out well. I would be interested in knowing about the dupes, too.

Berry T said...

I get started on doing the dupes soon! Promise!

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