Friday, January 1, 2010

French Fetish

So after the wonky french that actually turned out great,
I was kinda inspired to do another

Polishes used are:
Orly French Manicure in Bare Rose,
Nfu-Oh #60,
and OPI Black Onyx

erm... yeah, I know I said I won't use any OPI,
but well, I needed to prime the Nfu-Oh colour and OPI Black Onyx is the only black creme polish I own...

Here's the nail art that I had on from 2009 to 2010:

Sunlight pictures

Taken on a slightly overcast day

I know the colour in this picture is a little off,
but the flakies do come up nicely in this one.

Indoors, in the day.

Artificial light.

Artificial Lights with Camera Flash.

Well... I can sure understand what all the fuss over the Nfu-Oh flakies is about =)


Get Nailed said...

Very cute! I don't have any Nfu-Oh's but I think I really need to check them out.

gildedangel said...

That is so cute!!!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Oh wow! This is a great design. I love Frenchies! Very creative. :) Thanks for sharing.

Berry T said...

thank you ladies! I'm glad you like the design!

Get Nailed,
You really have to check out the Nfu-Oh! They're absolutely gorgeous! Esp #51!

Maestra said...

Very pretty! I love the design very much!

Berry T said...

Thank you Maestra =)

Lucy said...

Beautiful manicure. I really love the combination of colors and the design. Very pretty.

Hyper Venus said...

hi may i know where you get your Nfu Ohs nail polisher?

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