Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Tag and yet another Pedicure

I was tagged by Kelliegonzo of the blog Also Known As... for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
Thank you dearie! It's a lovely tag to start the new year =)

so now I'll have to list 7 weird/interesting facts about me:

1) I love to hoard chocolates. Currently there's 4 jumbo packs of Hersheys, 4 packs of Ritter Sports, a tray of fresh chocolate in the fridge, a box of cocoa dusted spiced almonds in white chocolate. And we just finished a box of Kit-kat =P
(no... I'm not going to look at the weighing scale)

2) I love going to the movies but I don't really catch much tv

3) I contemplated learning to play the zither but I was afraid I'll be breaking my nails too often.
Jeez... that sounds absolutely shallow and bimbo-tic =P

4) I hate talking on the phone cos I have a slight hearing problem over receivers. Thank god for texting.

5) Realised that I haven't turned on the radio in my room for the past year while cleaning this morning! And I just added a new ipod to my list of to-buy...

6) Sometimes I wonder why I bother with Facebook

7) I love roller-coaster rides but I can't stand the Ferris Wheel

And just for those who are here only for the polishes,
although it is yet another pedicure (of the past) =P

This is Wet n Wild Rock Solid Nail Lacquer in Beautiful in Bronze.

3 coats, with topcoat


Lucy said...

Lovely manicure and pedicure! The zither is an instrument I don't hear much.

Berry T said...

Thank you Lucy =)
Yep, even within Singapore, the zither isn't a common musical instrument and its actually quite costly as well. But I always thought that it was such a lovely instrument.

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