Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweet Pink by OPI Collection

I wanted to post these swatches asap so that my giveaway winners might have a better idea of what to choose.
Unfortunately, due to a lack of time and lousy weather conditions,
I have to use my toes again and even then the pics aren't the best.

Having said that,
I'm not terribly excited about this collection even though they're Japan exclusives.

OPI Sugar Cookie Pink,
in my humble opinion, the most boring one of the collection.
Its a plain pink jelly that is super sheer, probably good for french manicures.
I did 4 coats and you can see my nail bed there.
You'll probably need another 4 coats to get it decently opaque.

Next, OPI Pink a Peach
3 coats without topcoat.

1st 2 taken on a overcast morning

The indoor pictures are more colour accurate

Indoors with camera flash

This one's being described by OPI as a peachy pink.
Personally, I think it could do with a hint more orange to be considered peachy.
There's some silver and pink glitter, but its very subtle,
not enough to call it glass-flecked or anything exciting.
The least sheer of the collection, 3 coats is enough for decent coverage.

OPI Pink Carmel, 3 coats with topcoat.
Maybe its the power of suggestion,
but I thought this was the most aptly named colour outta the 4.
It does remind me of toffees with those caramel fillings.
Again, there is the subtle pink and silver glitters that gives the polish that slight shimmer.

And the last and most interesting one in my opinion,
OPI Pink Cupcake.
I took quite a number of shots for this one because it was kinda hard to capture the colour accurately.

1st 4 pictures were taken at various times of the day

This one's was taken when it started to drizzle.
Next 2 are indoor shots

and the last one, taken at night with camera flash.

OPI Pink Cupcake is a bright rose-pink that is almost neon
The pink and blue glitter in this one has a more pronounced effect as compared to the others in the collection;
you can just see a blue flash in really good light.
Unfortunately, its another really sheer polish.
Pictures are all 4 coats with topcoat but I would suggest adding another 1 to 2 more coats.
Alternatively, this would probably look better as a layered polish.

Well.. I guess if you're someone who liked the OPI Princess Charming collection or OPIs like Nomad's Dream,
then this new Japan exclusive collection is for you.

However, if you're someone who's bored by most pink polishes
then you can give this one a miss


Lucy said...

All lovely shades. That's funny that you even had to use your toes for swatching.

Berry T said...

heh... yeah the untried stash is growing so incredible, I've gotta use toes now too to swatch!

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