Sunday, December 27, 2009

The reason for my no/low-buy Part 1

Right, so I went a little crazy hauling...
but there were so many purges, sales, lemmings and new collections!
What am I supposed to do?! =P

NARS Tokaido Express,
Illamasqua Phallic,
and Sephora by OPI Absinthe Makes the Heart

Sheri, thanks so much for this!
I never thought I'll get my hands on them!
*muacks* =)

Then I got these off purge lists:

4 bottles of Sinful for only US$1!
How am I supposed to resist that?

#146 Kansas,
#203 Agaci,
#142 Pearl Harbour,
and #79 Opal Glitter

Essie Lacy not Racy,
Colour Club Groove Thang,
OPI Will You Mari-Achi Me?,
OPI Sheer Your Toys,
and OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not

Then I finally caved and got some Nfu-Ohs

and #60

then I spotted China Glaze Aqua Baby hiding in a corner of the shop.
The Zoya Suvi is courtesy of Flinty from the blog Polish or Perish

My best friend Gerry gave me a nail art book for Christmas! =)

Sample page from the book.
I'm in love with the black and white one on the top left corner!

well... I don't wanna think how much I spent on polishes this Christmas
and I still have some colour clubs and china glazes on their way...


gildedangel said...

Great haul!!!

~Lisa said...

Great haul! LOL. It's Christmas! ^.^ You shouldn't feel too guilty, lol.

Lucy said...

You were living large! Like me and I have to cut this out next year! So I better get busy buying till next year!

chocaddict said...

fantastic haul!
The sinfuls for only $1...the amazing nfu-ohs...OMG!! and this is part 1, so it means there's more to come?! W-O-W!

Berry T said...

heh... yeah this is only part 1!!
I still hv the RBLs, some OPI minis, colour clubs and china glaze coming my way

jeez... that's a lot isnt it...

Maestra said...

OMG, look at these great Nfu-Ohs! <3 Great haul(s)!

skgoh said...

You're so very welcome! Will let you know if I'm able to haul from the US again :)

Did you buy the Nfu-ohs from the local Escalonce? They're so expensive in SG.

Berry T said...

yep, the nfu-ohs are sooooo lovely!! =)


Thanks so much for your offer! <3 you! =)
and yeah, got the Nfu-oh's locally and they're really expensive! I totally agree!
I had some Christmas money so I thought I'll give myself a treat =)

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