Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pedicures of the Past

Ok, You've been warned!
As the header goes, its obviously about toes.
If toe pics creep you out, pls skip this k!
And mine are rather ugly too =P
If you do proceed, pls ignore all the injuries you see
(dancers almost always have ugly feet)

but well... my untried stash has been exploding
*looks desperately the boxes*
so I've kinda resorted to doing more frequent pedicures to get swatches

OPI Sweet Love at Ferris Wheel.
erm... I can't find the bottle for this one.
I have a feeling that I probably have swapped it away
*seriously hope its not lost somewhere*

I think this was 3 coats... erm... or was it 4??
Well.. this was really quite a while ago,
but I do remember being irritated at the nail bed peeking through =P
If it had been pigmented enough, it would have been a lovely shade of antique rose with a gold flash.

Japan Pika Nail Polish.
This one has neither name nor code,
so I'll just call it blue glitter polish (how original)
Pretty sure this one is 3 coats.
A silverish-blue that comes out a little frosted.
I remember being disappointed with the colour cos its wasn't as blue enough as seen in the bottle.

Etude House Petit Darling Nails in PP906.
A shimmery neon-ish purple with blue flash.
This one's quite pretty actually.
Definitely a 3 coater.

Isadora Diamond Blue.
Another 3 coater frosty sliverish-light blue.
This one's way more silver than the Pika one,
in fact it's probably better described as silver with a tinge of blue.


Shaim said...

I Like Isadora Diamond Blue the most .

Berry T said...

I'm glad you do. I still haven't quite made up my mind if I like it

Lucy said...

Love all of those colors. The blue is my favorite.

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