Thursday, December 24, 2009

OPI Merry Midnight vs Sasatinnie Purple Flakie

Merry Christmas to everyone who's reading this!
May this festive season bring joy, peace and health to you and all your loved ones!

Since it was Christmas I thought I'll do one from the OPI's christmas collections,
plus I've read so much rave about OPI Merry Midnight,
I'm kinda excited about it.
Then while digging through my stash looking for it,
I came across the Sasatinnie one (which I had forgotten all about)
and thought, "hey! this looks so much like Merry Midnight!"

Check out the bottle comparison pictures,
they do look dupish right?

Thumb, Middle and pinky: OPI Merry Midnight
Index and Ring fingers: Sasatinnie
All are done in 3 coats, with topcoat

ok, the 3 sunlight pictures make it look like they're 2 different polishes
but in real life, both are pretty similar.
Probably has something to do with the camera being unable to capture purple properly.

OPI Merry Midnight is pretty colour accurate in the pictures.
In comparison, its slightly more red-tinged (perhaps why the camera picked it up rather well)
The Sasatinnie one perhaps a shade blue-er, and this gives it a deeper look actually.
Plus the flakies are more pronounced in the Sasatinnie one.

2 indoor comparison shots taken in artificial light.

The only complaint I have is both don't seem to wear well on me.
There's tipwear and its only been a day!
Don't really mind that though since both are such lovely colours

well, I was thinking that if they were dupish, I'll give one of them up
but right now, I'm in love with both of these!

p/s: I mega-hauled this week.
It's so bad I'm imposing another no/low buy on myself =P


gildedangel said...

Wow, those are suprisingly close! And here I was thinking that MM was unique :P

chocaddict said...

they definitely look very much alike and they are both gorgeous!
Though I'm a little late, Mery Christmas to you too :)

Lucy said...

Look pretty close to you. I know I'm late but Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday Berry.

Berry T said...

yeah, I thought MM was unique too until I found the Sasatinnie one hiding among my untrieds

and dearies,
thanks for your holiday greetings! Its never too late and besides there's 12 days of Christmas isn't it =)

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