Saturday, December 5, 2009

OPI I Love Yokohama and Kitoko Kalani No. 1242

Remember these 2 bottles?

OPI I Love Yokohama (Japan exclusive, Yokohama Collection),
and Kitoko Kalani No. 1242 (Korean brand)

I've been wanting to do a comparison of the 2 ever since I got the Kitoko Kalani one.

Thumb, Middle and Pinky: Kitoko Kalani No. 1242
Index and Ring fingers: OPI I Love Yokohama

Taken on overcast day.

So sorry guys.
I keep waiting for the sun to show
but its just been grey and gloomy this past few days.

Daylight indoors with artificial light, no flash.

Daylight indoors with artificial light and flash.

I'm a little disappointed that the gold shimmer in the Kitoko Kalani didn't show up as much on the nail.
The gold shimmer looked more promising in the bottle.
But otherwise, I kinda like the greyed-out nude pink.
It's definitely work-appropriate,
but there's also something unique about this colour.

OPI I Love Yokohama is a glass flecked pink.
Another winner if your office is conservative.
erm... I know my secret santa Polish Pig describes it with gold glass flecks,
but mine were definitely silver ones!
Not sure what's happening here...


PolishPig said...

Hmm, I must check this again!

It does look like gold in my pictures.
Now, it is pitch black here (and you're likely to be eaten by a grue - very, very old joke ;-D) so it doesn't work to try to look at the bottle, I will get it out tomorrow.

Berry T said...

heh... I had to go google what a grue was =P

yeah, I was quite surprised when I read your post! I actually took mine out to compare against the computer screen =P
Do let me know how it is k! It'll be kinda interesting if there are 2 versions of this!

PolishPig said...

New day here, and you are right, in the bottle it certainly looks like silver flecks. Strange, I wore this mani a full week and I was convinced the whole time it was gold.. :-p
Will have to try this mystery polish out again soon.

I'm happy you found out about the grue, now you know why to never enter dark areas without a lamp ;-)
Zork was the very first game I ever played on a computer. Looong time ago..

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