Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The NailBoard 2009 Fall Top 20

ok, results of the Top 20 poll on MUA is out!

1st place with 30 votes:
1) China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

2nd place with 27 votes:
2) OPI Merry Midnight
(Can't wait for mine to arrive!)

3rd place with 26 votes:
3) China Glaze Ruby Pumps

4th place with 21 votes:
4) OPI My Private Jet, holo version
Oh yeah baby!

5th place with 18 votes:
5) Essie Starry Starry Night
My all-time lemming that I despair of finding

6th place with 16 votes:
6) Illamasqua Rampage
7) OPI You Don't Know Jacques
This one's in my untried somewhere...
*goes digging among the pile*

7th place with 15 votes:
8) Chanel Jade
9) China Glaze For Audrey

8th place with 14 votes:
10) China Glaze Atlantis
11) Misa Dirty Sexy Money
12) Orly Enchanted Forest
13) Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie
Can you believe Scrangie is also still in my untried stash?!

9th place with 13 votes:
14) OPI Smitten with Mittens
(hmmm... what is it about this red that so many are clamouring for?)
15) Zoya Roxy

10th place with 12 votes:
16) OPI DS Extravagence
17) OPI Russian Navy
18) OPI Yoga-ta get this blue (and yes I will!)
19) Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal

11th place with 11 votes:
20) Zoya Yasmeen

Honorable mentions:

With 10 Votes:
FingerPaints Icy Iris,
Illamasqua Muse,
OPI DS Fantasy,
OPI Black Cherry Chutney,
OPI Don’t Toy With Me,
Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit

With 9 Votes:
Chanel Kaleidoscope,
China Glaze Dorothy Who?,
China Glaze DV8,
China Glaze Lubu Heels,
China Glaze Strawberry Fields,
China Glaze Wagon Trail,
Color Club Revvvolution,
Essie Mint Candy Apple,
Nubar Reclaim,
OPI Done Out in Deco,
Sephora for OPI Metro Chic

So.... how many of these do you have?


gildedangel said...

I have 6 out of the top 30, and 3 out of the honorable mentions!

Danica said...

I have 10 all together! Some of those kind of surprised me, Atlantis and Strawberry Fields - I didn't realize those were so hot!

Berry T said...

yeah, I was surprised too by some of those mentioned. Makes me wanna take another look at some of those that I didn't get before too.

Also I'm thinking about doing a series of those in the Top 20 and honorable mentions that I do own

Antonea said...

I own (or will own because they are in the mail) 5. Theres a few in there i am surprised about and i few i am surprised aren't there. Oh well.
but there is quite a few up there that i want but i like having unique polishes that aren't so famous and on every blog. Ya know?

chocaddict said...

I have 5 out of the 20 winners, it's not that bad given I haven't been collecting polishes for a year yet ^_^
I have to agree with the votes given to Merry Midnight (I'm wearing it right now in fact, it's mersmerizing!) and Smitten with Mittens: think ChG Ruby pumps only slightly darker and loaded with golden shimmer instead of red *luv*

Berry T said...

heh... yeah I think I kinda know what you mean.
sometimes, its feels like a "Columbus finding America" moment when that happens to me =)

I'm waiting for Merry Midnight and Ruby Pumps to come to me!
*bouncing up & down with excitment!*
Is Smitten with Mittens really that great? I keep going back and forth about whether I wanna get that one!

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