Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is there someone kind enough to help??

EDIT: Someone has already very kindly offered to help!
Thank you so much! =)

If you aren't aware by now,
Rescue Beauty Lounge is having a sale, 50% off!!
Use the code 'VIP 5 HOUR' at checkout on 15th Dec (Tues) from 12 to 5pm
(Not very good with this but I believe its Eastern timing)

Right, so is there someone in the US who is willing to help me place an order??
International shipping is crazy,
why should someone have to pay $38.50 for shipping?!
Madness! Insane! Ridiculous!

Right... ahem... got too carried away with the rant =P
As I was asking *batting eyelids*,
would someone pls let me know if you're ok to help me order a batch and send them over to Sg?
I'm only looking at 4 bottles
and I can send over payment for everything via paypal.

If you're able to so kindly offer, pls do drop a comment or send me an email to let me know pls
*continues batting eyes*

Thank you so much in advance


chocaddict said...

ah sorry I can't help you with that one dear, I'm in the same situation, I've been eyeing Srangie for ever but really...38.50$ shipping! so crazy I decided not even to mention the sale on my blog :(

Berry T said...


Someone has kindly offered to help me! Maybe you wanna try asking too, its really worth it, if you can get someone who'll do the shipping for you instead =)

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