Monday, December 14, 2009

Have a Holly Good X'mas

Before I get on with today's nail art and tutorial,
I just want to do a quick announcement:

Pls watch out for tomorrow's post k!
I'm doing a Christmas Giveaway! =)
and its followers only!

Right! So back to the nail art then.
I've seen quite a few Christmas nail art that features snowflakes already.
Not surprising since its going to be rather easy to konad them if you have the plate.
So I thought instead to try something that I haven't seen as often

Here's the items used for today's nail art:

Estessimo TINS 013 The Relax Mint,
Estessimo TINS 012 The Happy Milk,
OPI Alphine Snow,
OPI Vodka and Caviar,
Art Club Nail Art Striper in Green.

I really like TINS The Relax Mint.
Its a pretty minty pastel-blue
and its sparkles like mad in the sun!
Here are the swatch pictures! I took quite a few since I liked it so much =P

In the Sun:

Taken indoors:

No Camera Flash

With Camera Flash

Blurred a little; Check out the glitter!

And here's the festive nail art I have for you guys today!

In the Sun.


Here's how to draw the holly:
or is it a mistletoe? I never get them right...
(you might wanna practice on a piece of plastic sheet or paper 1st)

I'll do a "big" leaf first to show you how to free-hand it.

Draw a line.
This line is supposed to "flow" in whichever direction you would like to place the leaf.

The base of the leaf actually looks as if you're drawing an arrow.

Add in another "arrow-head" just above the base and you're done.
It's not that difficult right? =)

So to do the actual holly/mistletoe,

Step 1: Using a dotting tool,

randomly place 3 dots.
Note that the 3 dots have to be in relatively close proximity to one another.

Step 2: Add in the leaves on either side of the cluster of dots.

If you like sparkles, you can also replace the red dots with red rhinestones =)

Hope you'll like this
and remember to watch out for the giveaway tomorrow!


gildedangel said...

That is so cute!

Evil Angel said...

I love it and now you can run around holding your hand obove people to get free kisses!

Berry T said...

thank you gildedangel =)

hahahaha.... I never even thought of that!
*evil grin*
now lets see who's getting kisses!!
muacks! muacks! muacks!

chocaddict said...

very pretty :))
thanks for the tutorial, ohhh a giveaway \o/ can't wait for tomorrow now ^_^

Lucy said...

I love your nails. The holly berry manicure is really adorable. I also love the glittery manicure. Berry your amazing!

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