Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fake polish...

Let me get this outta the way 1st
then I can concentrate on doing the draw for the giveaway

I finally got the Sweet Pink by OPI Collection in.
In case you aren't aware, this is yet another Japan exclusive collection
But to be honest, I don't feel terribly excited for this one...

From left to right:
SR AL8 Sugar Cookie Pink,
SR AL9 Pink Cupcake,
SR AM1 Pink a Peach,
and SR AM2 Pink Caramel

I've got swatches of these coming up,
probably in the next 1 or 2 posts k =)

Taken with camera flash cos I thought the polish showed up better this way:
OPI Espresso Your Style,
(I couldn't find my old bottle so I went and got a new bottle of this)
OPI DS Royal
and a fake Nfu-Oh gold glitter that my nail resource person sent over for free

and finally some lovely Nubars that I've been lemming:
Cherry Cordial,
Chocolate Coffee Bean,
and Opulent Pearl.

dang it! I should have ordered the entire brown Nubar Collection...
Cherry Cordial and Chocolate Coffee Bean are just too pretty

2nd pic taken with flash.


gildedangel said...

Nice haul!!!

KaThy said...

waiting for your swatches...
do you mind to share, where can i get nubar in singapore?? i am looking for nubar at, but they can't post to my country...

Ayuu said...

I like Sugar Cookie and Pink a Peach ! And Chocolate Coffee Bean just looks wonderful !

Lucy said...

I have to buy the Nubar collection. I really lovethose shades.

Berry T said...

they do look great don't they!

Lucy, you'll definitely have to get the Chocolate Truffle Collection. Its just absolutely wonderful!

I get my nubars from ebay actually. There are 2 sellers that I rely on, 1 is sparkling nails and the other is nail polish elegance. If you're interested, the next time I haul from them, I can let you know too then we can share in the shipping =)

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