Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elianto 14 Glittery Nickel

To be honest,
I think my pictures doesn't do this polish justice.
And I actually took tons of pictures over the past 4 days just to try to capture this gorgeous polish,
so pls excuse the tipwear if you see any.

Oh well, picture first,
then I'll try to describe how gorgeous it is

Daylight pics:

Next are the indoor pics,

Bottle pic with camera flash

also with camera flash

Next are the ones I took at night with camera flash

A blurred pic to show the glitter:

In the bottle, Glittery Nickel looks like a grey-out purple with purple and silver glitter
However, once applied on the nail
I can't decide if its a glass-flecked charcoal, nickel or the grey-out purple
It keeps shifting with changes in light
and there's very subtle blue tiny glitters that shows up with direct sunlight.
I kept staring at the bottle but I couldn't see any blue glitters
they just keep flashing silver and purple to me,
but some of the pictures seem to be able to capture that

Whatever, I'm pretty impressed with this bottle of Elianto.
It's really cheap and yet I get wonderful application.
and its so pigmented, I just did 2 thin coats

Now I can't wait to try the others that I got

Again, for fellow Singaporeans,
if you're interested,
I found the Elianto at Tampines Mall, Level 2, at a kiosk that's near the Singtel shop


gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous color on you!

Evil Angel said...

That is "the" gunmetal gray! I love it!

Berry T said...

thank you! I love it too! Its on for 4 days already! Pretty long by my standard!

"gunmetal grey"!
*smacks head*
that's the description I was looking for!

chocaddict said...

wow, you actually got such a deep rich shade with "only" two thin that's what I call pigmentation! ^_^
Absolutely fantastic color :)

Danica said...

Oooh, I really like this. The ones that are hardest to describe are usually the best!

Berry T said...

yep! I'm really impressed with my 1st try with this brand! Now I can't wait to try on Racing Green! Actually I think I'm going to try to see if I can get away with it in the office soon!

heh... I actually get what you mean! Cos the most gorgeous ones always leaves us speechless! =)

Lucy said...

Very pretty on you. You have such lovely nails. Pretty good manicure staying on for 4 days.

Anonymous said...

i love it!, babe, do you live/work near tampines? it's way too far for me to get it ! do you think you could help me get one if you are going down in the area again? i'll ibank you and pay for postage if that's possible?

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