Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cheer me up...

Couple of things happened to me recently,
On Thurs morning, I slipped and bounced down (on my butt) half a flight of stairs.
Would have been quite funny if it hadn't been so painful
and now I can't sit down on a hard surface without feeling the bruises.

That same night I developed a cough.

On Fri, I took the H1N1 vaccine that my workplace is providing us for free.
By nightfall, I was down with fever, a supremely blocked nose, aches and the shakes.
The meds are making me groggy

Luckily I have some new babies to cheer me up =)

From a swap:

Wet n Wilf Rock Solid 226 Beautiful in Bronze,
my very 1st Revlon Street Wear in Psychedelic,
a serious lemming Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx,
Maybelline Express Finish in Yes Dear,
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Fly Away
and Sally Hansen Salon in Nasturtium of the Tracy Reese Collection

Then while walking around doing some Christmas shopping,
I spotted a nail salon with some Misa polishes (which is rare in Sg),
but they were bloody expensive, so I only got 2

Misa Street Style,
Misa Decadent Drifter,
and OPI Merry Midnight


gildedangel said...

Great goodies, there is nothing like a little retail therapy to make you feel better!

CucumPear said...

Oooh, shinies! *gets distracted*
I refused to get the H1N1 shot as I always react to flu jabs. Hope you feel better soon.

Evil Angel said...

Feel better and enjoy your pretties! Hugs and hot tea!

chocaddict said...

Poor sweetie, I really hope you'll feel better soon. From what I heard the side effects of the flu vaccine shouldn't be lasting too long, at least I hope so!
Ohh you got Merry Midnight :) You'll see it's fabulous!

Berry T said...

awww.... thank you everyone!
You're such sweeties!
The effects are wearing off already =)
Hopefully I get to swatch some of these soon!
*looks desperately at the exponentially growing stash of untrieds*

Lucy said...

I hope your all right sweetie! How awful to fall like that. I've done that before. Hope you feel much better now. Also hope your feeling better from your cold. Love the new goodies.

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