Monday, December 7, 2009

Candy Cane Christmas

Since Christmas is just around the corner,
I thought I'll get in a couple of Christmas nail art tutorials

Polishes used:
OPI Alphine Snow,
Art Club Nail Art Stripers in Red on Red and You're Golden

Swatch of OPI Alphine Snow,
2 coats, no topcoat:



Personally, Alphine Snow is a must-have.
It's so versatile and I find that application is great.
I can't stand those white polishes that apply like a goopy or streaky mess.

I used to enjoy peppermint candy canes when I was a kid.
heh... A few times, I would bug my parents to get me those
but I would never be able to finish a single cane at one go.
And somehow, I would always make a mess of it as a kid =P

Since its a sentimental reminder of Christmas for me,
I thought I'll try it out in this nail art:



This particular design is actually quite simple,
but it may require a steady hand.
If you'll like to try this out,
here's the tutorial:

Step 1: Paint base coat, then paint base colour
Wait awhile to dry.

Step 2: Using a nail art striper, do a rough outline of a half moon.
Don't worry, the outline doesn't have to be very accurate.

Step 3: Also using the nail art striper, add in the stripes.
Wait awhile to dry before the next step.

Step 4: Go over the half moon with the gold nail art striper.

Step 5: To make it more festive, I added in some Christmas nail art decals.
When applying decals, it is best done using a pair of tweezers.

I needed something simple that could be passed off at work, so I only had 1 decal on each nail.
But you could add as much decals as you'll like =)


The Princess said...

Your nails look darling!

Evil Angel said...

Very cute!

gildedangel said...

That looks so cute!!!

Lucy said...

Berry your nails look delicious and adorable! Love your manicure.

skgoh said...

Wow! Are you allowed to wear that mani to work?

contests and such said...

Such cuteness!

Berry T said...

Thank you everyone!
I got loads of compliments when I wore this to work as well!
hee... seems like no one has complained about my nails yet. So I'm going to try for darker colours and slightly more complicated designs as well. Let's see what happens =P

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