Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another tag!

I got tagged for this from the blog CucumPear's Pandemonium of Cosmetics

It's a new blog but she has some awesome ideas for nail art!
hee... and I saw that she also did a similar nail art as my Wan's Lattice 2
Great minds think alike! =P

Rules of the tag:
You're supposed to accept the award by posting the pic
and create a link to the person who tagged you.
Then post a list of 15 blogs that you enjoy reading:

Here's my list of 15 blogs:
(most of them are on my blog roll anyway)

1) Doo Polishing: Love the Nail art and the videos

2) Body and Soul: For swatches and news about new collections coming out

3) Contests and Such: For news about giveaways, contests and all

4) I Love Nail Polish: Wan's inspiring! I inspired again by another of her nautical themed nail art!

5) Mon Coin a Moua: Make-up, nail polish and France.

6) Nail Art World: Fantastic Konad and nail art

7) Nails by Asami: Easy to understand picture tutorials.

8) Nihrida's Blog: Pretty nails, Lovely nail art and a wonderful animal lover

9) Painted Lady Fingers: Beautiful flowers and I love all the references to mythical creatures like unicorns

10) Polish or Perish: 7 smart ladies blogging about nails! Cool!

11) Scrangie: Need I say more?!

12) Tartofraises: Nail Art sur Ongles Naturels: Amazing nail art with video tutorials to boot! I'm intrigued by her foils

13) The Hungry Asian: Kae and the amazing swatches

14) The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself: Karla's got me started on MAC!

15) The Princess of Polish: The cutest and most adorable nail art ever!


paintedladyfingers said...

Thank you Berry. You are so dear! I love your blog too. xoxo!

Berry T said...

awww.... hugs and kisses too dearie =)

chocaddict said...

Oh dear, I had completely missed this article, thanks so much Berry, you're a sweetheart :)

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