Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Japan exclusive Collection: Sweet Pink by OPI

Photo credited to the OPI Japan site

Some of you gals may groan again.
OPI has come up with yet another Japan exclusive collection.
I'm not sure if these will appear in Europe,
they sometimes do, like the Reflection Glitters collection.

Here's the descriptions for the 4 polishes:
SR AL8 Sugar Cookie Pink
A sweet-as-sugar pale pink

SR AL9 Pink Cupcake
A rich, warm rose-pink.

SR AM1 Pink a Peach
Pick This Peachy Pink

SR AM2 Pink Caramel
A sophisticated mocha-pink shimmer.

I've just placed an order for a full set.
Hope to get the swatches up soon too.
Otherwise for those of you who just want to get their hands on these,
you can visit my friend at Doll Up Nails


Lucy said...

Oh man, not again! Well I guess I'll just have to make do with your swatches!

Berry T said...

heh... totally empathise with you Lucy
I feel that way too whenever I see a polish online that I can't get in Sg

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