Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Comparison: Rimmel 819 Green with Envy vs LA Girl 320 Teal Shimmer

I've been meaning to do this particular comparison ever since I got the Rimmel,
but I just kept putting it off...

Rimmel Green With Envy
and LA Girl Teal Shimmer

In the bottle, they look just a tad different.
LA Girl Teal Shimmer comes across as just 1 shade deeper than the Rimmel one.

However when painted onto the nails,
unless you're standing in really good light,
the difference is actually rather subtle.
In fact, unless you look really closely,
they might just pass as dupes from afar.

However, in the sun,
the polishes do reflect that slight difference as seen in the bottles.
The shimmer/flash in the Rimmel is also more obvious.
Personally though, I prefer colour of the LA Girl one.

Thumb, Middle and Pinky: LA Girl Teal Shimmer
Index and Ring fingers: Rimmel Green with Envy
2 coats each, with topcoat.

1st 2 pictures taken in daylight:


and with camera flash:

One other thing to note:
The Rimmel chipped in less than 24 hours.
Thank goodness for Poshe Quick-Dry TC,
I managed a little repair before my brother's birthday dinner =)


gildedangel said...

Great comparison, I didn't realize that those polishes were so close in color!

Lucy said...

I like that shade of polish on you. Very pretty.

chocaddict said...

I don't have the LA Girl polish but Green With Envy is one of my favorites. It's interesting to see how close they are. You must be so disappointed with GWE chipping after just one day! I remember wearing it this summer for over 4 days with only minimal tipwear, it's strange sometimes how polishes react differently on people's nails.

Berry T said...

yep close enough that I'm going to give away one of them =)

thank you Lucy!
Teal is one of my fave shades! the other one is turquoise! I always get compliments whenever I wear these 2 colours!

I was really disappointed with the Rimmel =(
Been hearing loads of raves about Rimmel from blogs and MUA so was really sad when it lasted less than 24 hrs on me =(

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