Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another brand discovery

My no-buy has officially ended!
and I celebrated with quite a haul for the week! hee hee...

erm... pls note that the light conditions ain't wonderful
The sun peeked out rather feebly early yesterday morning
and I decided not to wait
(which was good cos it started to rain. Again.)

OPI DS Divine,
Orly Pink Chocolate,
New Art Club Colours You're Golden and Mochalotta

China Glaze:
How About a Tumble,
and Stroll

and the nail art stuff that I couldn't resist anymore.
Really cute nail art stickers and a fruit wheel

Close-ups of the stickers:

And while buying dinner home on Friday,
I discovered another Korean brand, Elianto.
The nail polish display was mostly glitters and cremes,
but they had quite a good selection.
Not just the usual pinks, corals and reds.
They had a green creme, quite a no of blues and their glitters are quite amazing actually.
I had to restrain myself, but I still got 4 to try out!

30 Dark Sea Green (well, the bottle reminds me of colours like RBL's Dead Calm than sea green),
18 Racing Green,
19 Night Glitters,
and 14 Glittery Nickel.

I really wish the sun was out.
Then I can show you guys just how unique these glitters are
I don't think I have anything remotely similar at all in my stash!

Fellow Singaporeans,
I found this at Tampines Mall, Level 2 (near the Singtel shop).
I ditched the receipt already,
but if memory serves me well, the creme one was only approx $2.90
while the glitters are at $5.90.


gildedangel said...

Great haul!!!

Berry T said...

yeah, me thinks so too! hee hee...
I was resisting those stickers for the longest time actually but I finally caved...

chocaddict said...

that's an awesome way to celebrate the end of a no-buy ^_^

those Elianto bottles are so pretty <3 racing green looks like a very promising color, I'll be keeping my eyes opened to see that one swatched one day ;)

the nail stickers you got are too cute for words!

enjoy all of your goodies :)

Berry T said...


I'm wearing Glittery Nickel right now.
swatch coming up!
*once the sun comes thru*

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