Thursday, November 5, 2009

Purple, Teal and Pearl

okay, apparently there are awareness colours for November as well:
Anxiety Disorders - Teal
Epilepsy - Purple
Lung Cancer - Pearl

Well, at least there are 3 colours for this month
I was getting pretty bored with rotating between pinks and greens in October
So this time round, I'm not going to say that I'll just stick to the 3
but instead, I'm saying that I'll try to do more of those for the month =)

anyway, I bashed my nails yesterday after yet another clumsy accident
thankfully, no nails broke but mani got chipped

unfortunately, I was super tired and cranky that night
and I couldn't make up my mind which colour I wanted
so I ended up with this instead:

Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Purple Potion on thumb, middle and pinky,
OPI DS Exclusive on index and ring fingers.
2 coats on all tips

Artifical light and camera flash

Well, I'm a little (tinnie-weenie bit) disappointed with Purple Potion
I was actually hoping that it would be more purple than the blurple it is,
and its way less holo compared to Exclusive
The OPI had a better application than the Sally Hansen;
had to be careful of drag marks with Purple Potion.
Also, Exclusive dries a tad more glossy than Purple Potion.
In fact, I thought Purple Potion looked kinda matte until topcoat was applied over it.
It's a lovely colour
but I won't be going around hunting as hard for the other Magical Nail Makeups now.

And guys, I need some opinions/help from you.
We've got another pole performance coming up on friday,
and we're doing a routine to ABBA's Dancing Queen.
It's supposed to be 60's, cheesy, totally outrageous and ridiculous.

We've got neon and tinsel wigs (that's my hot pink tinsel one!),
and we're decked out in feather boas, sequins and stuff.
A friend saw the crazy photos we took and commented that we looked like the powerpuff girls gone totally wrong! =P

erm... I was thinking that I'll do a neon rainbow skittle mani,
so that's 5 different neon colours.
I thought that would come across as loud and silly-fun.
What do you guys think? Would that work?


gildedangel said...

Those are great colors!

Berry T said...

Thank you dear!
and I got your tag! thanks! =)

chocaddict said...

Awww, sorry you're a little disapointed in Purple Potion. I think the magical line was one of the very first to have this holo effect, that's probably why they offer much room left for improvement.
I totally dig your wig! If the wig, the feather boas and the sequins are different colors then your skittle mani will totally fit in the theme ^^

Lucy said...

Skittles are the way to go. Love the wig. This manicure is lovely. I like the combination of colors.

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