Saturday, November 14, 2009

New(s) from Nfu Oh

Got this in an email a few days back.
Apparently, Nfu Oh came up with a collection that is exclusive to Singapore and Malaysia...
(Wow! That's the 1st time I heard of a polish collection that is exclusive to our tiny county and our not so tiny neighbour!)

Presenting the Infinity Collection by Ecsalonce:

There's a total of 48 colours in this set.
I called to check, each bottle retails between SGD$29 to $32
(sigh... the flakies are the more expensive ones)

This picture also came in the email.
They look really good right?
Dang... I've been refusing to pay for a Nfu Oh locally given the ridiculous price tag
but looks like I might just head down to take a look at these Limited Edition babies


amusedPolish said...

I've seen quite a lot of great swatches from these polishes and of course their flakies and holorgaphic polishes... if they would sell them in austria, I'd definitly have got all of them :P

Danica said...

That a lot of NFU. I've recently decided to splure on some flakies, because I absolutely love it:) I can't believe they're coming out with that many for an exclusive, good for you guys!

chocaddict said...

48 colors in a single collection, wow that's a LOT! I have yet to try Nfu-Oh (their price has been holding me back from buying any so far) but those colors sure look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

blast it! I see a green AND a blue in there I want. Why does everywhere else get the good colors? OPI just tweaks the same colors a little bit and renames them it seems.

Berry T said...

Yeah... These really look awesome, don't thay!
Like you guys mentioned, 48 colours plus flakies?!
It's a damn tug-o-war: I wanna see some of these in real life but I'm afraid I'll go nuts!

I totally get ya... esp with those reds! How many shades of red can there be?!

skgoh said...

Where in Singapore can you buy those? Pray tell!

Lucy said...

Love to own all of those!

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