Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lovelies in the Mail

Steph from Nail Juice sent over a wonderful swap package.
Its one of the most generous swaps I've ever received!
Thank you so much Steph! You're a doll!
*hugs and kisses*

From left to right:

OPI Y10 Fanatical Fuchsia,
OPI Y30 Lilac I Care,
Maybelline Express Finish Matte Grape

OPI Y07 Pick Me Up Purple (it doesn't look purple at all!),
OPI C45 Surf's Up,
OPI Y24 Starbright Sparkles

Steph also sent a bunch of nail art stuff!

Pink and Blue with holo-glitter nail art stripers,
Avojuice Skin Quencher in Candy Cane Juice (I'm keeping this for X'mas!),
Glow in the Dark sparkles,
and some black glitter.

I kinda accidentally left the Glow in the Dark bottle out on the dining table,
and it completely freaked my brother out when he woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom =P

Close-up of the nail art stickers Steph sent.
Aren't they pretty!

Then I also swapped for China Glaze Cosmic with another fellow local polish lover.
Thanks Sheri! =)

I'm sorry but it was terribly overcast so I took pictures both with and without camera flash just so you'll have a better idea of the colour.

With camera flash.

Blurred pic.
See how it sparkles!

My Zoya Yasmeen haul which was actually a pre-order:

Without the camera flash

With camera flash

and with this, fellow local nail polish lovers,
I would like to share that you can now get Zoya nail polish in Singapore =)
Pls visit Nail Sg and let Audrey know which Zoya colours you are interested in.
I believe Audrey has most of the more recent Zoya colours.
Each Zoya bottle retails for SGD$18.


thriszha said...

Wow!those are great haul! Im looking forward for the swatches...happy sunday

chocaddict said...

Great haul :)
I'm looking forward to seeing swatches of Cosmic and Yasmeen and to seeing some of your amazing nail art with those holo stripers.

Berry T said...

Yep! They're great right!
I can't wait to play with them myself! Will try to get down to them soon I promise! =)

gildedangel said...

I can't wait to see swatches!

Berry T said...

Soon! Promise! =)

skgoh said...

You're most welcome! Hope you have better luck with it than I did!

Berry T said...

hahaha... hope so =)

Lucy said...

Terrific swaps you had. Can't wait to see them swatched.

Berry T said...

Soon! Soon! =)

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