Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kitoko Kalani

I'm still on a no-buy,
but I saw these and I got curious.
Since they were 2 for $5 only, I grabbed 2 to try

Kitoko Kalani no. 1235 and no. 1242
well... I'm assuming these are the correct no.s since I didn't see any other name or code.

The salegirl explained that these are from Korea.
I didn't see a lot of variety in colours though.
The display consisted mostly of reds, pinks, nudes and some browns.
All pretty safe work colours.

The 2 that I got, I grabbed cos a)they were really cheap
and b) they had those tiny micro glitter in them (see the next pic)

Also, no. 1242 reminded me of one of the OPIs in the Japan exclusive Yokohama Collection.

Bottle comparison between OPI I Love Yokohama and No. 1242.

As you can see, OPI I Love Yokohama is more pinkish and has silver micro glitters.
No. 1242 has gold mirco glitters.


chocaddict said...

they look like nice colors, although I'm interested in asian cosmetics I've never heard of that brand so I'm very curious to see them worn now ^_^
They'll definitely be more work-appropriate for your new job :)

Lucy said...

Berry, cheap is still breaking your no-buy you bad girl! The shimmer is pretty. Nice shades.

Berry T said...

I'm planning to do a comparison of the 2 polishes in this post pretty soon!
Keep an eye out for it k =)

*sings I'm bad! I'm bad!*
hee.... I'm going to be out of the no-buy soon!
My Dec pay will be the day of freedom! =P

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