Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Love Swapping!

I know there have been terrible experiences by some,
God knows how many horror stories I've heard or read.

But I really do LOVE swapping!
And I think I've been really fortunate.
All my swap experiences thus far has been wonderful.
You guys are the best!
*sending hugs and kisses around the globe*

Swap with Sallie:

China Glaze:
Fortune Teller,
and Cleopatra

And I just have to take one with the camera flash =P

I also asked Sallie for a Sinful.
And she sent me 2!!
Bless you dearie!

Sinful Fiji and UFO

Next is a swap with a NB'ber from MUA

It was agreed for Essie Mint Candy Apple
but then she sent an extra Maybelline Jade Flash!

And last, I broke my no-buy
but I HAD TO for this one:

Going to sound like a broken record:
*don't really care though*



gildedangel said...

You got fantastic colors! I own both of those Sinful Colors colors and I recommend wearing Fiji over a dark purple! You will love Mint Candy Apple as well!

chocaddict said...

You got fabulous colors here! And is that THE Opulen Cloud?! OMG you're so lucky you can get Sally Hansen! Are you going to swatch it/do some cool nail art with it soon? *pretty please* ;)

Lumin0us said...

*drools* Gorgeous gorgeous colors!!
Make me wish i had anything decent enough to swap too!*sigh*
Dieing to see swatches!

thriszha said...

weeeeee... ur so lucky to have those polish that u really want.. im in a process of my first swap.. and im so excited... ill be looking forward for the swatches and nail art u'll come up..happy polishing

Berry T said...

thanks for the tip! I'm really looking forward to trying out the Sinfuls!

Good eye! Yep, that's THE Opulent Cloud =)
I'll get down to it soon! Promise! There's so many that I wanna try but Opulent Cloud should be the next!

You'll never know what others might desire really...

Gd luck with your first swap! I'll be checking your blog to find out what babies you'll be getting!

nirfreak03 said...

so glad you love your new polishes :) can't wait to see them on you hon! and i had a great experience as well since this was my first swap! am very interested in swapping again soon :)

Lucy said...

Very pretty polishes. Your lucky you got Opulent Cloud!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


rhea said...

wow,i wish my parents wud allow me 2 swap,but they wont :(

& here in india u get basically nothing,none of those i'm really desperate 2 win some giveaway or contest,haven't had success till now :( i love nail art,but i'm unable to do much with the very limited no. of nail polishes i have..

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