Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Farewell Nailphile

I was going through my rounds of the nail blogs
and I came across this announcement that Siobhan at the Nailphile is closing her blog

I thought my eyes were playing tricks
but no, when I checked the MUA
it's really true

Really sorry that we're going to lose one fantastic blog
The Nailphile is one of the 1st blogs that got me started on this polish addiction,
and she's one of those who inspired me to get started on blogging.
Her nails are beautiful, her swatches amazing and her konads legendary.
Really sorry to see it go,
but I sincerely wish her all the best.


chocaddict said...

I completely agree with you. I was very sad to see that last night. I'm going to miss her posts. I think she's inspired a whole bunch a nail blogger. Farewell and good luck to her!

Berry T said...

It really is a major loss all right.

Lucy said...

I was so shocked at how she ended her blog. I'm very sad that she has stopped writing.

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