Monday, November 16, 2009

Experimenting with Lace

Those of you who read Nihrida's Blog might remember the amazing mani she did using paper napkins.
(Nihrida does the most amazing nail art! If you don't know her blog, you have to check it out now!)

Well, since then I've been toying with the idea of using different materials to stick on the nail.
Didn't get around to doing it though.
Until I saw a post on All Lacquered Up about Lace Nails.

Here are the items used for today's NOTD:

OPI Light my Sapphire,
Lace, scissors and Nail Art Glue

Here's a swatch of OPI Light my Sapphire, 3 coats without topcoat:

The light hasn't been good recently.
We're into the rainy season over here in Singapore,
so all we've got for the past few days have been gloomy skies or at least with very weak sunlight.

Otherwise Light my Sapphire is a gorgeous blackened blue.
Its really not as black as in my pic,
and I suspect with really good strong sun,
the hints of purple might come out really well.

Here's how the experimenting turned out:

In sunlight.


This one's actually pretty easy and fun, like a little art and craft project,
but its not something I think I'll do often
Nails feel a little bumpy and its scratchy too!

And here's the tutorial for those who might be interested to try:

Step 1: Cut out 10 pieces of lace according to the width and length of your nails.
These don't have to follow the exact shapes of your nails though.
You can cut different portions and shapes to create different patterns.

Step 2: Paint Base Coat and the base nail colour.
Wait a while for the polish to dry

Step 3: Spread some nail art glue on a plastic sheet.
Step 4: Using a pair of tweezers, pick up the lace piece and dip it onto the nail glue.
Make sure the lace is not too thickly coated with the glue.

DO NOT spread the glue on the entire surface of your nail.
You'll probably will end up destroying your nail.

Step 5: Align the lace piece onto your nail.
Press down gently with the tweezer.
Step 6: Repeat the process with the other nails.
Wait a while for the glue to set and dry.
Step 7: Go over the nails with a THICK coat of topcoat and seal the tips as well.
Be careful of bubbling.

Actually, looking at the pictures now, I kinda think the lace looked much better without the topcoat on it.
So you might wanna try out putting the topcoat onto your polish 1st,
then add the lace as the last step.


gildedangel said...

What a cool idea; I am going to try this!

Lumin0us said...

Wow! That looks really good! I usually draw it on, but i like that texture! Def gonna try that too!

Berry T said...

let me know how that works out for you guys k!!

chocaddict said...

that's an awesome idea!
I'll keep my eyes peeled for some pretty lace now :)
thanks for the tutorial

Berry T said...

you're welcome dear! =)

Lucy said...

Pretty! I just keep thinking about the lace getting wet when you wash your hands!

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