Thursday, November 26, 2009


Warning: Diaster nail pic ahead

Continue at your own peril

ok, don't say I didn't warn you
but I just did the ugliest nail art on tues night

Took out my acrylic paint set to play with for the 1st time
Had a lovely idea of painting waves as tips
and then going over with a semi-sheer polish
so I picked up the bottle of OPI Twinkling Lights in the untried stash

and this is the ugly diaster that I ended up with:



gildedangel said...

It's not that bad, in fact I really like the concept!

Lumin0us said...

Agree! For a first try it looks great! you should have seen my first trials with! Not to mention its always hard to make your own nails, and specially when ur not used to the paints.
You got the idea across,and i like it too! I'm sure it will turn out just fine next time! Just keep trying!;)

Lucy said...

Not bad for a first attempt. It must be hard to try and paint waves. Just keep praticing.

chocaddict said...

I'm so bad when it comes to freehand nail designs. Believe me I know how it feels when you tried hard to paint a design you had in mind and it doesn't turn out the way you had thought it would. I'm sure your next attempt will look fabulous ;)

Berry T said...

aww.... you guys are so encouraging!
I will definitely continue to try, practice and hopefully you'll get to see a better one next time!

Love you guys!

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