Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dancing Queen

Just a quick post as I'm rushing outta the house for my dance workshops.
Did the rainbow mani for last night's performance
(which went quite well)

Sorry the colours look a little off in this pic,
was taken at night with artificial lights.

Polishes used (painted in order from pinky to thumb):
OPI Need Sunglasses?,
Colour Club Tangerine Scream,
Colour Club Electro Candy,
Colour Club Wild Child,
and Essie Mesmerize



They remind me of colourful candies!
And I got tons of compliments on this too.
Someone on the train even asked why I didn't do it for the toes! =)

Daylight, Indoors.

Artificial Lights with Camera Flash.


gildedangel said...

They remind me of skittles! Now the song Dancing Queen is stuck in my head lol!

chocaddict said...

it looks really nice :)
glad your performance went well ^_^

Lucy said...

Very pretty Berry! I love all the bright colors.

Berry T said...

thank you Lucy!
the bright colours attracted a lot of attention everywhere too! From the train to my class =P

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