Sunday, November 22, 2009

A couple of Firsts...

I had quite a few exciting stuff that came in the mail over the week.

This is from Macodvisnica's giveaway.
It's the first giveaway that I've won =)

The 1st 2 polishes are from essence's Moonlight Collection;
1st one is Into the Night,
2nd is Live Forever.
Then the last essence is called All Access.
I know the pic doesn't show, but All Access is a lovely shimmery teal-green colour

Close-up of the plate in the Essence Stamping Kit

I received my 1st Sally Hansen Fire Opal in a swap with Karla from the blog The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself
Karla's the one who got me started onto MAC!
I never owned a lipstick (not counting the one for performances) but since her blog, I've gotten quite a few lippies =)

Polishes are:
Zoya Midori,
SH Fire Opal in Amber Opal
and 2 little Dream Girl nail polishes (these are without names).
Don't they look like baby nail polishes?

At the back is a box of Revlon fake nails.
I've never used any fake nails before but I'll probably be saving them for some emergencies like when I need to grow my nails or save a broken nail or something like that.

and lastly, I received my 1st Diamond Cosmetics nail polishes in a swap with a lovely NB'ber from MUA
Party Hearty,
Chainmail Charm
and Never So Ever-green

Also a quick update.
I had my last working day in school on Friday.
Come Monday I'll be moving to a new workplace,
and this time I'll be working with juveniles and helping to re-integrate them back into society.

I'm not sure how busy I will be getting,
I suspect that there may be an initial adjustment period
but I'll try my best to keep the blog going and will try to answer all comments and emails as best as I can.
I've already got some nail art posts scheduled in the meantime,
so do stay tuned =)


Evil Angel said...

What great colors! I am dying to try essence and diamond cosmetics. Can't wait to see your swatches

gildedangel said...

Those are some great goodies! Good luck at your new job, it sounds like a noble thing to do. Keep us updated on how it goes! :)

Berry T said...

I'll try to get those swatches up as soon as I can!

thank you dear! I hope everything will be ok at the new place. Will let you guys know! =)

Lucy said...

Good luck with your new job. God Bless you for working with these kids. I hope you have good luck in doing this new job. Nice polishes you've gotten. Congrats on winning the giveaway.

Gabriela said...

I`ve got the Essence stamping nail art and I love it.

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