Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 Polish Bloggers Christmas Exchange

I got my elfster package!
My very 1st Christmas pressie for 2009!
and its all the way from Sweden too!
My secret santa is Polish Pig!

Check out what she sent me!
I even got sweets and nougat! Yum!
and the card is so cute!
Thank you Harriet =)

Close up of the polishes:
My 1st Isadora, Diamond Blue,
Quick & Chic (what a brand name!) in Magic Night,
Depend Nail Polish in Orange and Blue
(sorry guys, I couldn't find the names or codes on these 2)
and Mavala Glitter Red!
The little pink one is a Isadora Lip gloss tube.

Thank you so much my dear!

and in the spirit of Christmas, here's some of the lights and decor over at Orchard Road (that's our little shopping district in Singapore)


thriszha said...

ur so lucky to all ur swaps stuffs... happy polishing sweety...xoxo

amusedPolish said...

those are lovely polishes :)

PolishPig said...

Hi Berry T!

I tried to give you polish that is not easily found in asia. Isadora is a Swedish brand. The second full sized bottle is Lumene, a Finnish brand (although the dark polish probably hid the brand name printed on the bottle) and the name of the colour is Magic Night. The Depend line don't have names at all, it is a Swedish low cost brand, but not low quality. The numbers are on the back of the polishes. Anyway, a Swedish low cost brand is about $3-3.50 for a mini bottle, so everybody thinks in his/her box. Thank you for the regards to Harriet, I showed her your post and she was super happy!!

Very merry christmas (a little bit early)! :-)

Danica said...

Oooh those lights are gorgeous - I'm getting ready to start decorating for Christmas - I'm waiting til Thanksgiving, that's my rule. So one week from today (yay)!

Berry T said...

thriszha, amused polish,
yep, those are lovely aren't they!

polish pig,
again, thank you so much and also for sharing info about those polishes! =)

every year our shopping district goes thru a transformation and I've always enjoyed anticipating what the christmas deco would be =)
Have fun decorating your tree!

Lucy said...

Lovely polishes. That Christmas tree is beautiful.

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