Saturday, October 31, 2009

Visit Me in Prism

My apologies for the lack of posts over the week.
Had pole practices, workshops and classes on 4 consecutive days from Sunday to Wednesday
(my arms were dead weight by Tuesday)
Then it was mummy's birthday on Thursday.

All I had time for was just a simple change of nail colour.
Pictures 1st, my thoughts later...

China Glaze Visit Me in Prism.

Taken at night, artificial lights with camera flash.

At night, artificial lights without the camera flash

Taken on overcast day.

Overcast skies, in shade.

When I 1st got the bottle of Visit Me in Prism, I was a little disappointed.
Online pictures of bottles and swatches that I checked before ordering looked a lot more silverish than the pinkish bottle I received.
Already have quite a few pink holos so I really didn't think I'll need another.

And I should have known to trust pictures on MUA and Nailgal; its a silverish holo with just the barest hint of pink/lilac.
I did 3 coats but I think those with an issue of the nail bed peeking through might wanna do 4.
Had no issues with application and drying time was quick too.

and just so you'll have something to compare with
here's a picture of the pink holo-mbre done a while ago

From pinky to thumb:
OPI DS 002 Exclusive,
OPI DS 017 Amethyst,
OPI DS 003 Original,
OPI DS 021 Diamond,
and Colour Club Fashion Addict.

Looks most similar to CC Fashion Addict but personally, I prefer Visit Me in Prism to the CC one.


gildedangel said...

I love that holo ombre!

chocaddict said...

I love the Kaleidoscope collection, I wish I had bought more now they're becoming a little harder to find.
I have CC fashion addict but it is a pain to apply, I much prefer any Kaleidoscope polish to that one.
Your nails are very pretty. What treatments do you use?

Berry T said...

Thanks dear! =)

Me too! I'm thinking that I've got to grab more of those Kaleidoscopes before they disappear.
As for treatments, I don't really use much. Occasiocally I use the nailtek II strengthener but that's about it. I do try to remember to use cuticle oil and moisturizers whenever I can though

Lucy said...

Love all thos holo colors. Just gorgeous.

Berry T said...

they really are pretty =)
must be something about rainbows

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