Sunday, October 25, 2009

These will have to tide me through no-buy...

Here are the Colour Clubs that I promised you yesterday.

CC Fresh Mint,
CC Shooting Star,
CC Twinkle Peach,
and CC Jewellery Box.
Not very sure but I suspect these are Japan exclusives.

Close-up and taken with camera flash to show the glitter.

Got these off another purge list:

Essie Barbados Blue,
Zoya Juno,
Lippmann Pump Up the Jam,
Lippmann mini Devil in a Blue Dress.

OPI Hollywood and Wine,
OPI Russian to a Party,
OPI Greenwich Green,
and OPI Keep off the Grass!

And I got these off ebay.
Not exactly happy about it though.
The listings said that these were new bottles, but when I got them, 5 out of the 6 bottles were evidently used!
They all had polish on the necks of the bottles.
In fact, 2 of the Maybellines were down by at least one-fifth!
I'm waiting to hear what the seller has to say about it.

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Lavendar Sky (the only bottle that looks new),
Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Purple Potion,
and Revlon Dark Pleasures in Steel-etto

Maybelline Express Finish in:
Golden Khaki,
Jaded Blues,
and Jean Jacket.


Evil Angel said...

Those are all great! I can't wait to see swatches!

gildedangel said...

Great picks!

chocaddict said...

wow what a great haul (minus the "seller says they're new when they evidently are not" thing of course)
I'm especially jealous of the SH purple potion, enjoy your fab goodies :)

Berry T said...

I can't wait to start on them too!
They will be used soon!

Karin said...

Are you sure that's Zoya Juno? :) on the picture it sure looks like my bottle of Zoya Ki ^^

Berry T said...

erm... it says Juno on the label =)

Lucy said...

The Color Club glitters must be exclusives. I bought some Japanese exclusives from VNS but they weren't these. I'd love to see these swatched. Shame your polishes were used. That's really rotten. You did buy a nice selection.

PolishPig said...

This is a fairly common problems with buying out of e-bay. Many sellers have very many polishes, I think probably "shelf-pulls" that they bought in bulk. Most of the time I don't think the polish is used, but eather evaporated because of a loose cap, or even worse (if there is polish on the neck or on the bottle) was pressure damadged during flight, also because of an unscrewed cap. I do thin it is the sellers obligation to check that the caps are on thight before the shipping, and when I get bottles where I think too much is missing, I will e-mail the seller with photo that clearly shows the polish level and/or the mess. I always get a refund promptly, or new polishes. Best of luck!

Berry T said...

Promise I'll try to get them swatched =)

Thank you for the info. That's also what the seller said to me. Since I think I can live with it, I decided to let it go =)

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