Sunday, October 11, 2009

Swaps, Hauls and a little Poll

Just a quick post to show you guys new goodies that came this week =)

Got these off someone's purge list:
China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic,
China Glaze Blue Sparrow,
and Orly Country Club Khaki

I'm not the biggest fan of China Glaze, somehow I think they dislike me too.
Most of the CGs that I've tried would either chip too quickly or wouldn't apply too well.
But there are a few CG collections that I really want, like the Rodeo Diva, the Retro Diva, the Bahama Blues and the latest glitters
(They will come to me one day... eventually)

Swapped for these babies:
OPI Here Today... Aargon Tomorrow,
OPI Blushingham Palace
and Colour Club Electronica

Right, so I said I'll aim for pinks and greens this month,
but after going through my stash, I now have so many pinks and greens lined up I have no idea where to start.
So I'm going to ask you guys to let me know (in the comments section)which ones you would like to see,
and I'll use them for the coming nail art.

Here are your options:

L.A. Girl Metallic Green,
Etude House Petit Darling Nails GR605,
RBL Recycle,
and RBL Orbis Non Sufficit

Colour Club Wild Child,
Colour Club Object of Envy,
Nfu-Oh 157,
and Misa Toxic Seduction

OPI At Your Quebec and Call,
OPI Greenwich Village,
OPI Here Today... Aargon Tomorrow,
and China Glaze Gussied Up Green

The pinks:

OPI Blush of Adrenaline (Yokohama),
OPI Cherry Blossom (Yokohama),
OPI Blushingham Palace,
and OPI Princesses Rule

TINS 006 The Amethyst,
TINS 018 The Very Strawberry,
TINS 026 The Mars,
and TINS 402 Seductive Amethyst

okie, so these have no codes nor names, so I'll just go with the colour of the HK toy!
HK Pink,
HK Blue,
HK Plaid,
and HK Black

Pika Nail Polish,
Essie Meet Balls,
and Colour Club Fashion Addict

Beauty Credit Spring Pink,
Orly Opal Hope,
and Orly Catch the Bouquet

Lastly the OPI Japan exclusives:
I Pink I Love You,
Love Will Blossom,
and Too Fabulous!


gildedangel said...

Great haul!!! Ilove Here Today Aragon Tomorrow!

thriszha said...

wow!! i love the hello kitty polish...

awesomevegan said...

Thanks for asking us for our input in what colors we would like to see. I am most interested in:
OPI Greenwich Village
Colour Club Wild Child
Colour Club Object of Envy
Color Club Fashion Addict
and any of the OPI pinks available in the US. :) Maybe I should do a pink and green nail look.

thriszha said...

ohhh... i dont have any china glaze polish & Nfu-Oh .. for its not available in Philippines nor here in Abu Dhabi.. =( i wish i have any color polish from china glaze & Nfu-Oh so i can try them on to my nails...i love the holo polish of this 2 brands.. where do u uy ur china glaze & Nfu-Oh? i love to see the swatches from ur HK polish...

Berry T said...

I saw your mani with here today... aargon tomorrow! it looks gd on you, no wonder you love it! cant wait to try it out myself! =)

i've one CG holo that I was going to give up for purge! you email me your post address. I'll send it to you instead!

i get my CG either from websites or special orders with my suppliers. As for the nfu-oh, i got it from someone's purge list. Nfu-oh is available in Singapore, but its so ridiculously expensive even locally! Worse than my RBLs!

I'll get started on your like-to-see list very soon! hope to see one pink/green one too soon on your blog! =)

Lucy said...

I'd love to see the OPI Japan exclusives. I've never seen Hello Kitty polish. How cute they are!

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