Monday, October 5, 2009

Spidey Halloween

I know there's still some time before Halloween
but I had to do one to take part in Sasse's contest =P

Here are the polishes used:
Estessimo TINS 052 Coco's Shopping,
Art Club Black Striper,
Art Club Black Hologram Striper,
& Cheap White Nail Art Striper.

And here's my Halloween entry =)

I must apologise.
I only have pics from last night under artificial light.
Intended to get sunlight pics today but it was overcast all day,
then I managed to chip off almost all the crystals used in the mani during pole class just now....

Well, also I didn't intend to keep this one on for long either.
Creatures that have more than 2 pairs of legs give me the creeps.
erm.... this sounds crazy and stupid,
but while I was going to bed last night,
I actually got kinda freaked that some creepy crawly might wanna come and take a closer look so I hid my fingers all under the blanket...

I'm not sure if I got a bad striper in the Black Hologram striper; it was all gooey, tick & kinda smells a little off. Had to add dollops of thinner & still it didn't seem to have helped.
The webs (using the Black Hologram striper) were a little thick as a result.
I had to switch to the black one for the skull. Doubt I'll be able to draw one using the Hologram one otherwise.


Blurred for the glitter

I also took a pic of the right hand

okie, that's it!
It's gonna come off tomorrow!


gildedangel said...

That is so cute! I need to do some Halloween manis!

Berry T said...

Can't wait to see yours posted!!

thriszha said...

this is nice... u are so good in freehand nail art design...

Lucy said...

Sorry, but I LOL thinking about your fingers under the covers. Maybe some baby spiders are on the way! Cute manicure.

skgoh said...

That's so cute! And thanks for rearranging the text around the pics. Makes for much easier reading :)

Berry T said...

thanks for the wonderful compliments!
I love your konads though and wish that I'll be as good one day =)

hee.... yeah I LOL myself when typing that too, it just sounded crazy. THank god there weren't any spideys in real life!

you're most welcome! I'm glad that helped! Do let me know k if there are other ways I can improve ya =)

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