Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purge: Round 2

Round 2 of trying to find space for the ever-growing stash

Just some comments so as to get this going:
1) berrynaiad on MUA and ebay. All 100% positive
2) You can email or make your request in the comments section. I'll work on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
3) I prefer to swap actually but have included price tags (in Singapore dollars) as well.
Internationals - Paypal only
Just so you have an idea, exchange rate on my recent CC bills are approx USD $1: SGD $1.50
Locals - additional option of meet-up or POSB transfer

So here's what's up for grabs:

All used 1X, Skin Food Nail Vita:
BR612 (bronze) - $5
BL503 (Jade Green) - $5
BL511 (Turquoise Blue) - $5

The next 2 groups are without names and codes so I'll just describe the polish.
Also, these Eleanors are all Brand New and will be on a buy 2 get 1 free (your choice of glitters)

Eleanor Silver and Heart shaped glitters - $2
Eleanor Silver and Star shaped glitters - $2 (pend sallie)
Eleanor Red and Star shaped glitters - $2

Eleanor Green with Heart shaped glitters - $2
Eleanor Green with Star shaped glitters - $2 (pend sallie)
Eleanor Blue with Star shaped glitters - $2 (pend sallie)

Faceshop White Nail Polish - $2
Faceshop Black with Holo glitter Nail Polish - $2
I can't tell how much is left from the bottles so they're going real cheap too.
China Glaze L8r G8r (used 1X) - $6

Sasatinnie Blue-Purple Flakie Polish (used 1X)- pend tnbttgsy
Essie Bootleg (about 90% left) - $4
Essie Country Road (about 90% left) - $4

LA Girl Professional Salon Formula in Amethyst (used 1X) - $3
Voxy Blessed (Used 1X) - $3
Voxy Twilight Zone (Used 1X) - $3

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Sheer Ivory (BN) - $2
L'Oreal Jet-set in Cyclamen (up to the word Paris) - $2
Revlon Wine with Everything (not sure, but looks like there's still 50%) - $2

Both Brand New:
Orly French Manicure in Je'Taime - $8
Orly French Manicure in White Tips - $8

Nubar Grass Green Glitter (about 80% left) - $6
Nubar Pink Dot (used 1X) - $8

OPI Kreme de La Kremlin X 2 bottles
1 bottle is full up to the OPI word - $4
I thought the other bottle was brand new but when I opened it just now, there were some polish on the neck. Pretty sure I never used this other bottle though. - $8
OPI Ruble for Your Thoughts (up to the bottom of the OPI word) - $4

OPI St Petersburgundy (up to the OPI word) - $4
OPI Suzy Says Da! (BN) - $12
OPI Midnight in Moscow (used 1X) - $8

All BN:
OPI You're a Doll - $12
OPI Mod Hatter - $12
OPI Your Royal Shyness - $12

OPI Glamour Game (BN) - $12
OPI I'm a Princess, You're Not (BN) - $12
OPI Pink Before You Leap (up to the OPI word) - $4

OPI Fireflies (used 1X) - $8
OPI Heart of Gold (up to bottom of OPI word), htf - $6
OPI Funny Bunny (about 80% left) - $6

OPI How to Jamaica Million (BN) - $12
OPI Yokohama Collection Pinkerbell (used 1X) - $12
OPI DS Diamond (used 1X) - $15 (pend sallie)

That's all for now! =)


thriszha said...

ohh... those are so nice polish.. i love the Later greater polish... i have no ChG polish at all.. lol... btw..thanks for the comment u post on my page... u're really a sweety... thanks... xoxo keep safe!!

Kiera said...

Hey, are the faceshop black with holo glitter and the china glaze l8r g8r still available? thanks :)

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