Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pink Holo-mbre

Recently, I've noticed that a couple of bloggers have painted their nails in ombre.
Basically, you pick a polish shade and paint it on 1 tip, then you either lighten or darken the shade such that all fingertips have different shades.

To be honest, I've done this before (although my version has been fingertips with all different polishes but within the same colour family) but I've never thought of it as nail art until now.
Usually I paint it this way to make comparisons between colours.
I doubt I'll be doing the lightening and darkening version though (kinda lazy to mix up the colours).

Today, I have for you a set of "pink" holo-mbre
although I didn't realise until I was done painting that some of the colours fall better in the lilac category

Also, I had some trouble trying to capture the holo-ness of the polishes this time round.
Either the camera couldn't pick it up properly or the sun was playing hide-and-seek with me and it kept raining in the afternoons for the past few days.
So the pics were actually taken over a span of 3 days and in different locations.

Painted in order from pinky to thumb:
OPI DS 002 Exclusive,
OPI DS 017 Amethyst,
OPI DS 003 Original,
OPI DS 021 Diamond,
and Colour Club Fashion Addict

This pic is taken with flash as I was aiming to get some bottle holo goodness

All the nails were done in 2 coats.

The 1st 2 pictures were taken in the early morning.

Mid-morning sunlight pic

Evening sunlight pic

Moved around trying to get the holo to show up

Last pic taken in artificial light with flash.

Of the 5 polishes, the 3 OPI DS Exclusive, Amethyst and Original are the most holo.
The holo in the other 2 are a lot less subtle and show up best only in really strong sunlight.

CC Fashion Addict, DS Original and DS Amethyst are quite similar.
In my humble opinion, the 3 differ just in terms of the shade; CC Fashion Addict is the lightest while DS Original is the darkest.
All 3 could probably do a lot better in 3 coats though. If I look real close, the nail beds are still peeking through with these 3.

I guess from the photos, DS Diamond and CC Fashion Addict look a little similar too.
But in real life, CC Fashion Addict is more pink-based while DS Diamond seems to lean slightly silver.
In fact, of the 5 I think DS Diamond looks the most awful on my skin tone

Application wise, they're all good.
All went on smooth though I still prefer the OPI brushes.

My own personal fave is DS Exclusive. There's no way I'm giving this one up.
I love the colour (like juicy ripe grapes) and I think among the 5, DS Exclusive suits my skin tone best.
DS Exclusive was totally opaque in 2 coats and the holo qualities show up even when the light is lousy.

If I had to rank the 5 (all things considered) this would be how:
Most preferred - DS Exclusive,
DS Original,
DS Amethyst,
CC Fashion Addict,
and least preferred - DS Diamond.


Evil Angel said...

I like the idea of a holo Hombre mani, it's very pretty!

Lucy said...

Pretty manicure! Love all the different holos.

gildedangel said...

I love the holo ombre, its gorgeous!'

Liz said...

I love this!! Great job picking out the correct colors. It looks really cool. :)

Berry T said...

Thank you ladies!
anything holo always looks good and this is one of the fastest "nail art" to go =)

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