Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Awareness

So everyone knows that October is the month of pink in lieu of Breast Cancer Awareness,
but I doubt Depression Awareness is as well-known.
I'm a counsellor myself and I didn't know that October was also for Depression Awareness until I read Scrangie's post on it.

Unfortunately, while the term "depression" or "being depressed" is much bandied about,
few really understand the serious impact clinical depression has on one's life unless you go through one yourself or live with someone who has depression.
I've heard stories where bosses do not understand and even imply that's just being weak or trying to be lazy.
It is also unfortunate that in our Asian context, there are many who refuse to seek help from professionals because they feel embarrassed or do not want others to know that they're "mentally unsound".

In honour of both campaigns, for this month, I'm going to make sure that each time I'll have something green or pink or both green and pink together on my nails.

ah.... I tried to do both green and pink for this set,
but I just wasn't inspired - the creativity juice just didn't seem to flow last night,
so its just some simple lines and dots again

Bottles used are:
Jade from the Wet and Wild Craze Collection,
OPI Alphine Snow,
Art Club Stripers in Pink Glow and Malmsy (how do you pronounce this??)

Taken in the early morning sun.
We've been having cloudy and rainy days for a while,
so when the sun came out this morning, I just quickly grabbed my camera.

Right hand, sunlight.

Taken indoors

Right hand, indoors.
I really need to practice using the camera with the left hand.
All my shots of the right hand came up kinda crappy.

And I took a toe pic to show you guys a swatch of WnW Jade.
I love how Jade is so glowy and the colour reminds me of Granny Smiths!


gildedangel said...

Great mani! I think that it's really pretty!

thriszha said...

ohh... this is really great mani...i love this so much.. btw.. thanks for the comment on my page.. regarding on the fauxnad plate u asked.. i used to sell those fauxnad plate online (only in Philippines)before i move here in UAE..i only have 2 fauxnad available...have u tried any fauxnad plate that available in singapore?

Berry T said...

gildedangel, thriszha,
thank you! =)

I haven't found any fauxnad plates in Singapore =(
So far, I only have 1 konad set that I ordered from OC Nail Art cos of the free shipping. But I think you can also find fauxnad plates on ebay. Haven't tried yet though

Lucy said...

That's is a gorgeous shade. I just realized that I have that one! Goes to show you that I have too much polish. I just haven't gotten around to wearing it yet. Love your nail art.

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