Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Japanese Cherry Blossom

today has just been a totally crappy day
1st, something happened at work that really upset me a lot.
So I thought I'll do some online shopping for nail polishes to cheer myself up.
Then I got confused with another swaplifter with a similar name

Fortunately after some explanation, the seller was willing to give me the benefit of doubt but she did warn me that probably there will be pple on MUA who won't be so ready or willing to do so.
And actually I don't blame them.

I really appreciate that she was willing to listen and gave me a heads up because hey, I would otherwise be in the dark and wondering WTF if I suddenly get thrown a whammy outta the blue.

But in all honesty, this sucks big time.
I'm innocent. I still consider myself relatively new to this online world.
Unfortunately, it ain't that easy to provide proof online, and whatmore, across different countries.
So I'm stuck having to bear part of the brunt of what someone else has done wrong.
BOO! to all swaplifters and the misery you have caused!

I know that since I didn't do such a thing, it might be good to just leave things be.
I know if I say more, it might sound like I'm defensive and whatnot.
But there is a part of me that feels a little unjustified and resentful as well.
There are some things that I would like to keep private but I've since thought about it for a while and I figured that one small way to deal with all this is just to "come clean" with some facts.
Plus, I figure hey, my blog! I'm allowed to ventilate a little and I really needed to share something. I already cried a little today cos there was no one who really understood WTH happened with everything today.

So fyi guys, Berry is a nickname that stuck with me since I was a kid, and T is just short for my surname.
Real name here is Sherry Tan
*I actually have a colleague who goes around calling me Sherry Berry*

Its actually pretty easy to locate me.
You guys already know my dance studio, some locals who have had transactions or swaps with me have already met me either near my dance studio, my workplace and even at my place of residence.
So seriously guys, I'll be real dumb to attempt to do something so stupid as cheating.
I treasure what I have now and I mean it when I say that it wasn't easy getting to where I am now.
So I'm not going to be dumb as to commit a despicable act and then get into trouble with the law. Jeez! I even work with delinquents to get them back to the right side of the law!

all right. so that's off my chest now.
I'm sorry if some of you feel that there's too much drama here.
I hope you'll understand that I'm not really myself today and this ain't one of the usual posts.

But I do have the usual nail stuff coming up

Items used in the latest nail art:
Essie Bootleg,
Essie Country Road,
Art Club Yellow Striper
and Art Club Black Striper

Pls note that today was overcast, there wasn't any sun at all
*sigh... even the weather seemed apt*

The bottle that inspired this design.
This was taken last night.

And I took some pics of the right hand as well.

Thanks for reading.


contests and such said...

Lovely! Perfect!
Sherry Berry...I like that!

thriszha said...

ohhh.. this is so pretty...

gildedangel said...

I am sorry that you got swaplifted! I love your mani though, it is so pretty!

Berry T said...

contest and such, thriszha, gildedangel,
hee... a friend just looked at it and commented, "that's too sweet for you" LOL

I didn't get swaplifted. A seller mistook me for a known swaplifter.
But that's ok, over that now. I'm going to prove that I'm a perfectly honest one over time! =)

skgoh said...

Hey! We have similar names! (I guess you already figured that out.) My classmates used to call me Sheri-Berry in sec sch too. Shortened to Share-Bear. Hahaha. Can you change your nick on MUA? Might that help?

Berry T said...

hahaha! even our nicknames are similar!

nah... not going to change my nick on MUA.
Didn't do anything wrong, nothing to hide.
Besides, the issue is with my real name not the nick =(

adele said...

Hey there! I can't imagine how it must have felt, but I agree, just continue being yourself and people will know you are an honest person! (:

Lucy said...

I'm confused since I don't go on the MUA. What's a shoplifter? It's pretty bad getting mistaken for someone else. Especially if like this it's not a good person. I'm so sorry that you had to go thru that. I don't blame you for wanting to clear you name. Hope everything gets cleared up sweetie! I love your manicure. It's really beautiful.

Berry T said...

thanks for the support! I really believe that I will prove myself at the end of all this!

A swaplifter is someone who cheats in swaps, e.g. say persons A and B agreed to swap some items. Person A being all nice and honest sends her part of the swap. But the crooked Person B either doesn'e send her share of the swap or lies that she never received the swap and refuses to follow through.
I just really glad that the seller gave me a chance to explain and was willing to give me the benefit of doubt. Since I have nothing to hide, I'm very sure time will show that I'm honest. Thank you so much dearie for your concern =)

chocaddict said...

Hi :)
I'm really sorry for all the trouble you went through because of a dishonest person :(
On a brighter note I love love love your cherry blossom mani; once I saw it I just had to try it right away although I had never done freehand nail art before. Well, it turned out great (for a first try anyway ^_^) I got lots of compliments at work today so I wanted to share them with you as you are the one who came up with this design :)
thanks a lot

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