Sunday, October 4, 2009

Giveaways abound...

Just a quick post about some giveaways that's happening:

1) Painted Lady Fingers is having another Halloween treat for her followers! Love the prizes for this one!

2)The Princess of Polish is giving away a few bottles of China Glaze Matte Magic. It's a fun contest and I can't wait to see those rhyming sentences!

3) Kae from The Hungry Asian is giving away Mac's Baby Goth Girl, China Glaze Fortune Teller and Hard Candy's Mr Wrong! I'm in for this! These are polishes that I've been wanting! =)

Good luck everyone!


skgoh said...

Hi Berry! I just noticed your new layout! Like it!

Just one comment -- when you have photos and a commentary, a lot of the time the text following the photo isn't next to it. Sometimes it gets confusing. Can you try to put the text next to the photo you are talking about? Just a suggeston.

Thanks for the swap, LOVING Revvvolution! I actually wore it the whole weekend (Fri included) so that's a new one for me :D

Berry T said...

hey there skgoh!

glad that you loved revvvolution! in fact, i'm thinking of another nail art design using revvvolution. will prob get to that soon!

as for the feedback, thanks! appreciate it really! text on my screen comes up okay, but I'll fiddle around with some variations and you let me know what's good k! =)

skgoh said...

Hey Berry,

I'll look out for the Revvvolution nail art :)

BTW, the OPI Holiday Collection 2009 is out at our local suppliers! Been lemming Merry Midnight for a while.

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