Friday, October 2, 2009

And the WINNER of the Giveaway is....


*whistles, throws confetti, hoots, happy jig*

A notification email has been sent!
hee... I'm so excited I wanna get the parcel posted out to you asap!
Hurray! wheeee!

Also, I just wanna give a big hug to all my followers!
On the 100th post, I actually also hit 50 followers!
How cool is that!
I promise you guys I'll do my nail art best always k!
*hugs & kisses & butt wiggle*

okie, so back to the regular nail stuff
*calming down... ahem....*

There's a swatch request from adele re the OPI Reflection Glitters Collection.
October is also a time to go pink as it's the Breast Cancer Awareness month.

ohhh... a little side note k:
For those of you who blog and would like to support the Pink Movement,
there is a Pink for October Campaign going on where blog and website owners show their support by turning our sites pink for a month.

Right so, in line with the pink theme, I've got OPI Rosy Reflection on now
& stuck some crystal stickers to glam it up.

Rosy Reflection is a very cool pink with a foil-like finish.
Its super shiny, almost like a chrome finish if viewed from afar.
I adore the colour but unfortunately, I don't think it suits my skin tone very well.
Rosy Reflection ended up looking a little washed out.

The crystals are actually nail art stickers from Dear Laura.
(They're also the ones who gives us the pa and eternal nail polishes)
I love their collection of nail art stickers.
It is by far the best nail art stickers I have ever tried.
If I didn't say, you probably wouldn't have guess that those were stickers!
They look as if I painstakingly stuck them on one by one =P

This one's taken under artifical light with camera flash.

Some haul pics to end off this post.
I was so taken with OPI Are You a Movie Star that I went and got myself more of the Japan OPI versions.
Y38 Nutcracker Sweet,
Y39 I Love the Holidays
Y40 Merry Berry Mauve
and Y41 Sugarplum Yum

Then I got this set off flinty's (from MUA) purge
My very 1st Bloom, Ciate Paint Pot and Nfu-Oh!

Bloom Bonnie,
Ciate Paint Pot 042 Guest List (love the bow that comes with the bottle!)
and Nfu-Oh 157 (LOVE the corset bottle!)
This one's just to show you the glittery goodness of Bloom Bonnie =)


Evil Angel said...

Congrats! YAY!

Berry T said...

*hugs & kisses*

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