Saturday, October 31, 2009

Visit Me in Prism

My apologies for the lack of posts over the week.
Had pole practices, workshops and classes on 4 consecutive days from Sunday to Wednesday
(my arms were dead weight by Tuesday)
Then it was mummy's birthday on Thursday.

All I had time for was just a simple change of nail colour.
Pictures 1st, my thoughts later...

China Glaze Visit Me in Prism.

Taken at night, artificial lights with camera flash.

At night, artificial lights without the camera flash

Taken on overcast day.

Overcast skies, in shade.

When I 1st got the bottle of Visit Me in Prism, I was a little disappointed.
Online pictures of bottles and swatches that I checked before ordering looked a lot more silverish than the pinkish bottle I received.
Already have quite a few pink holos so I really didn't think I'll need another.

And I should have known to trust pictures on MUA and Nailgal; its a silverish holo with just the barest hint of pink/lilac.
I did 3 coats but I think those with an issue of the nail bed peeking through might wanna do 4.
Had no issues with application and drying time was quick too.

and just so you'll have something to compare with
here's a picture of the pink holo-mbre done a while ago

From pinky to thumb:
OPI DS 002 Exclusive,
OPI DS 017 Amethyst,
OPI DS 003 Original,
OPI DS 021 Diamond,
and Colour Club Fashion Addict.

Looks most similar to CC Fashion Addict but personally, I prefer Visit Me in Prism to the CC one.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Snow Lights

This one is for Lisa's Winter nail art contest.
In Singapore, its sometimes joked that our 4 seasons are warm, very warm, hot, very hot.
I've never experienced winter, so all my ideas of winter are from picture, photos and stories.

Here are the polishes used today

Orly Pixie Dust,
OPI Alphine Snow,
Konad Special Polish in White,
and cheap white nail art striper.

Swatch of Orly Pixie Dust, 3 coats.
If you wearing this on its own, I would suggest doing 4 coats.

The day was overcast when I did this.
So I also included a shot with the camera flash.

I really like this colour
(might also partly be a result of an overdose of pinks and greens)
Pixie Dust is a glass flecked blue-grey.
I picked this one cos it reminds me of the winter skies I've seen in some pictures.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of winter is snow and snow flakes.
The next thins that came to mind was Christmas lights.
So I combined the 2 and came up with this:

Only managed to get 1 decent indoor shot

I'm trying my hand at doing regular weekly picture tutorials.
Pls let me know if this doesn't work and I should scrap it or how else I can improve.
I must apologise though that at this point, I can't do videos cos heh, no vid cam and no editor =)

Step 1: Paint base coat and the base colour.
Step 2: Paint the ring finger with top coat (for konad).
While waiting for the ring finger to dry, proceed with doing the other nails.

Step 3: Using a dotting tool (or a pin),

proceed to do a line of dots.
This is supposed to resemble those lights you hang around the Christmas trees.

Step 4: Using the nail art striper, draw in the simplified snowflake
Step 5: Repeat the same for the other nails (excluding the ring finger).

Step 6: Using Konad plate m59, konad the snowflakes onto the ring finger. I've since learnt that you'll have to work fast with Konad otherwise the images won't transfer properly.
Step 7: Wait a while to dry before doing your topcoat.
Step 8 (optional): Using nail art glue, place clear rhinestones onto the centre of each konaded snowflake.

Hope you like this one =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

These will have to tide me through no-buy...

Here are the Colour Clubs that I promised you yesterday.

CC Fresh Mint,
CC Shooting Star,
CC Twinkle Peach,
and CC Jewellery Box.
Not very sure but I suspect these are Japan exclusives.

Close-up and taken with camera flash to show the glitter.

Got these off another purge list:

Essie Barbados Blue,
Zoya Juno,
Lippmann Pump Up the Jam,
Lippmann mini Devil in a Blue Dress.

OPI Hollywood and Wine,
OPI Russian to a Party,
OPI Greenwich Green,
and OPI Keep off the Grass!

And I got these off ebay.
Not exactly happy about it though.
The listings said that these were new bottles, but when I got them, 5 out of the 6 bottles were evidently used!
They all had polish on the necks of the bottles.
In fact, 2 of the Maybellines were down by at least one-fifth!
I'm waiting to hear what the seller has to say about it.

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Lavendar Sky (the only bottle that looks new),
Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Purple Potion,
and Revlon Dark Pleasures in Steel-etto

Maybelline Express Finish in:
Golden Khaki,
Jaded Blues,
and Jean Jacket.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Colour Club Green Glitters

Today, I have for you a set of green gradient nails.

Polishes used:

Colour Club Fresh Mint,
Colour Club Object of Envy.
LA Girl Metallic Green for the toes.

Took one with the camera flash to show the glitter in the bottles.


Base colour is CC Fresh Mint.
Tips are CC Object of Envy.

Love how it sparkles!
Fresh Mint just glows! Even when the light is poor!
*cannot stop staring at nails*

Blurred to show the glitter

Here are the indoor pictures.

Broke my no-buy on Thursdays for CC Fresh Mint.
I swear I wasn't going to get anything.
In fact, I actually walked away from the salon where I stumbled upon a pile of Colour Clubs.
I saw a few CCs in that pile which I have never heard of.
Asked on MUA if anyone knew about it and the answer that came back was Fresh Mint was sort of HTF.
Minute I heard that, I hauled my ass back to the salon.

Also grabbed the 3 other CCs that I didnt know of.
Have tried to google but all I got was a Japan page
I'll do the haul post tomorrow =)

And here are the toes in LA Girl Metallic Green.
Its a sea-foam green chrome that reminds me of swatches of the new China Glaze Metallic Muse.
Don't have Metallic Muse yet so I can't do a comparison.

Taken with camera flash.
My apologies, from the bottle, I wasn't expecting a chrome so I didn't do the ridge filler.
They're popping all over the toes with this polish.

and just a quick update on the giveaway post.
Diana from Painted Lady Fingers is giving away a unicorn and 4 Sally Hansen Tracy Reese Colours - Night Hydrangea, Nasturtium, Forsythia and Beet Stain.
Remember to visit her blog!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucy!

I found out that its Lucy's birthday!
Lucy's one of my readers and she always takes the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate that and always look forward to reading what she writes =)
She's just awesome.

Happy Birthday to you dearie! Hope you'll have a jolly good time!
*hugs, kisses and confetti showers on you!*

Seems apt that I also do a quick update on some exciting stuffs that are happening on nail blogs.
There are quite a number of giveaways and contests going on:

1) missnono from Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss is celebrating 100+ followers! She's an amazingly talented lady who creates her own makeup and nail line! And she does jewellery too!
And I FREAKING LOVE her nails!
Congrats dear on reaching 100+!

2) Mary at Body and Soul is giving away a set of the new Essie Winter Collection, Sweet Time of the Year. Mint Candy looks like its going to be a new fave with some. Followers only.

3) Liz from Iceomatic's Nails is giving away a bottle of the elusive Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud! Liz has some of the most amazing polishes for giveaways! I'm so in for this!

4) Lisa from Nail Art World is hosting a Winter Nail Art contest. 1st prize includes 3 bottles from the Zoya Matte Velvete Collection plus a mini bottle of Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator. 2nd prize includes 3 glitter polishes from Zoya. I can't wait to see all the nail art entries!

5) Steph from Nail Juice is also hosting a nail art competition =)
Her theme is nautical.

6) Nihrida is doing her 1st giveaway and the prizes are OMG WOW! Followers only. I love her blog and she has the most amazing nail art ever! If you've seen her sketches, you know she's one hell of a really talented lady!

7) Diana from Painted Lady Fingers just announced a winner and that she's going to host another giveaway again! I'm staying tuned! You should too! esp since her blog is always regularly updated with lovely polishes, konads, and flowers!

8) Not nails, but still its a giveaway! =)
Angela from Sparklemidori's Beauty Blog is also having her 1st giveaway to celebrate hitting 50 followers. She's also having a blog sale as well. Go check it out!

That's all I have for now!

Accessories Sale!

All right, I'm "de-stashing" my room and I'm amazed at what I've managed to collect over the years
I no longer wear or need some of these stuff so I'm putting them up for really cheap sale just so these can find new homes and be loved.

Again, some points to note:
1) Prices are in Singapore dollars. Last exchanage rate on CC bills was approx USD$1 : SGD$1.50
I'm okay if you wanna haggle, but pls be reasonable. I just want to clear these stuffs =)
2) Internationals welcome; by paypal pls
Locals have options of meet-up or POSB transfer
3) berrynaiad on MUA and ebay. All 100% positive feedback
4) You can leave your request on the comments section or email me. 1st come 1st serve basis.

Onto the sale:

All anklets going at $1 each:

Black Beaded Anklet

An Indian-inspired anklet

Shell Anklet

All bracelets at $2 unless otherwise stated:

Turquoise Shell Bracelet

Pink and White Bracelet

Silver Turquoise Bracelet

Silver Tribal-inspired Bracelet

Red Beaded Bracelet

Green and Red Beaded Bracelet

Brand New Gold Mesh Bangle - $3

Blue Bangle from Thailand

Black Bangle - $3

Black, Amber Beaded Bracelets - $3 each
or get both at $5 only

Beaded Bracelet from China - $1

Brooches at $2 each unless otherwise stated:

Pink Flower Brooch

Purple Flower Brooch

Brand New Turquoise Brooch

I took the earrings in group shots, so pls let me know which pair you are interested in.
All earrings are going at $0.50 per pair unless otherwise stated.

Brand New "Xi" Ear Studs

Tiny Crystal Hoops

Ear studs, from left, clockwise,
1) Silver Buttons
2) White Glitter Buttons
3) Black with White Polka Dots Buttons
4) Red Swirl Buttons
5) Blue Suede Buttons
6) Purple Buttons
7) Red Flowers
8) Green Lace Ear Hooks
9) Green Buttons
10) Blue Flower Buttons
11) Gold Buttons

From top in clockwise direction,
1) Flower Printed Metal Hoops
2) Blue, Lime Striped Metal Hoops
3) Gold Hoops with Tribal design - $2
4) Red Beaded Ear Hoops
5) Gold Flower Hoops - $2
6) Pink Cloth Hoops

Hair Accessories at $1 each unless otherwise stated.

Black Flower Hair Shark

Flower Hair Comb

Blue Flower Hair Pin - $2

Handmade Flower Hair Tie.
This one is a little yellowed at the back.

Small Red Flower Hair Shark - $2

Small Purple Beaded Hair Shark - $2

Small Red Beaded Hair Shark - $2
or get both the purple and red together at $3.

Red, Gold Hair Pin - $2

Red Plastic Ribbon Hair Shark

Pack of 5 tiny Lilac Flower Hair Sharks

Pack of 4 tiny Green Glitter Hair Sharks

Pack of 5 tiny Copper-toned Hair Sharks

Pack of 5 tiny Blue Flower Hair Sharks

Purple Beaded Hair Shark - $3

Metal banana clip

Long tiny Blue Hair Shark

Hair Clip from South Africa

Green and White Beaded Hair Clip - $2

Butterfly Hair Tie

Brown Beaded Hair Shark - $2

Blue Beaded Banana Clip - $2

Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet set - $5

Necklace and Earring set from India - $5

All necklaces are $3 each unless otherwise stated.

Thin 925 Silver Chain - $2

White Shell Necklace

Vintage Necklace - $5

Tear Necklace

Star Necklace in 925 Silver

Rings Necklace in 925 Silver

Pearl Necklace in 925 Silver

Heart Necklace in 925 Silver
Pls note that the heart pendant is extremely tarnished. I think it would probably clean up well though.

925 Silver Chain

Leather Strip Necklace and Bracelet - $1

Multi Beaded Necklace - $4

Black Choker - $4

Tribal Necklace from South Africa - $4

Blue Silver Necklace from South Africa

Pendants - $1.50 each

1) Red, Blue beads
2) Silver Tribal (matches one of the bracelets up for grabs, if you get the bracelet, I'll throw this in at $0.50)

All rings at $2 each.
My ring finger is a size 6 to 7 while my index finger is a size 7

Big Ring

S ring in 925 silver

Square Crystal Ring in 925 Silver

Crystal Ring in 925 Silver

Star Ring

Purple Trio Rings

Crystal Trio Rings

Metal Ring

Bronzed Ring

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Light Glow - $5

Fingerless Biker Black Leather Gloves in XS size - $5

All right, that's all I have for now.
*back to de-stash the room*

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