Sunday, September 6, 2009

To round up the end of Glitter/Holo week...

I present OPI DS 023 Jewel (on the left) and OPI DS 019 Passion!

Jewel isn't like the other holo counterparts in the OPI Designer Series.
Instead it's more of a shimmery sparkle courtesy of the pink tiny glitters.
Under certain lighting, there is also a slight gold flash.

The 1st 2 photos are taken with an overcast sky
(yes, it's rainy AGAIN)
I was trying to get the shimmer to show in the 2nd pic
Have a feeling that it'll flash much prettier with stronger sun.

These 2 photos were taken in daylight, indoors.

This pic, taken under artificial light with flash, is interestingly the more colour accurate one.
I really like this colour.
Its sorta a reddish-brown that leans more towards the red (cos of the glitters?)
I'm tempted to call it russet.
This colour also reminds me of autumm.

Jewel is rather sheer though.
It took 5 coats to be completely opaque.
I don't usually like polishes that require so much coats, particularly since I tend to add on nail art, but I think I'll probably give this one another go.
It'll probably look really cool if I konad some falling leaves in autumm colours like yellow, red, orange, etc..
Artificial light, without flash

And here are the toes in OPI DS Passion, done in 2 coats.
To be honest, I was actually expecting it to be a little redder.
I've got nothing against the colour; it's a really sweet pink.
But well passion = something a little more fiery?
I can't really associate passion or being passionate with sweet colours...
Maybe that's just me *shrug*
Close-up pic.
Also compared to some other holos that I have,
Passion is kinda subtle;
It doesn't flash holo-craziness like how the earlier L8R G8R did =)


gildedangel said...

Those are great colors! They look really nice on you!

Berry T said...

Thanks dear!

Lucy said...

Love the DS Series of polishes. They are just lovely colors. Your nails look beautiful.

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